Vivoli Il Gelato’s Birthday Cake Shake at Disney Springs is a Party in a Cup

Birthday Cake Shake

You’re going to need to be able to handle your sugar for this one. Vivoli Il Gelato just reopened in Disney Springs and they have a sweetness overload waiting for you. Its name is the Birthday Cake Shake. If you’ve never been able to choose between cake and ice cream, this shake is for you!

The Birthday Cake Shake is aptly named because it wears an entire cupcake on top. The overarching theme seems to be confetti; cake batter gelato forms the base of the shake, with visible specks of rainbow confetti sprinkles throughout, and a plentiful dose of confetti also crowns the cupcake. The shake also has whipped cream and an additional sprinkle of confetti.

The cupcake isn’t as sweet as a typical bakery cupcake and the frosting on top is light and airy. Vanilla is the biggest flavor hit in the shake, but you may want to ask for a spoon because the confetti sprinkles get trapped in the straw quite a bit! Overall, this is a great shake for kids or families to share. Its bright colors and over-the-top looks make for some cute pictures. That’s if you can wait to dig in!

Priced at $14.91 including tax, this shake is a pricier option at Disney Springs, but if you plan on sharing, and consider that it is at least two desserts in one, it’s not as steep as it sounds. The shake can be found for a limited time at Vivoli Il Gelato in Disney Springs! Get yours soon!

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Allison Luna