Video Walk through of the all new Disney’s Riviera Resort

Yesterday marked the opening of the all-new Riviera Resort in Walt Disney World. We were on hand to get a first look at this stunning European themed resort.

We posted photo tours of the different foods, rooms, merch and more which you can take a look at:

If you are anything like me you like a good video over a photo tour. Sometimes photos do not do it justice. I wanted to piece together some of the videos we took from yesterday so you can see the Riviera Resort in its splendor.

Let’s jump right in…

First up we have a video of the Opening Dedication:

Next Susan was able to walk around the Lobby to give us a look at how it would feel walking into the resort.

Then she checked out some of the artwork and a little more inside this new resort:

We were also able to get a sneak peek at the Food & Beverage offerings that will be available around the resort:

of course, we can’t forget about the Merchandise…

Then she was able to talk to one of the Cast Members at Disney on how they chose the artwork in the rooms and around the resort:

Finally, we check out the Grand Villa Suite on this walkthrough tour.

As you can see the all-new Disney’s Riviera Resort is simply stunning and one place I am really looking forward to visiting in the near future!

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