Vera Bradley Floral Collection Blooms in the Magic Kingdom

Vera Bradley

You can always use a new purse or carry-all. In fact, when visiting Walt Disney World you can hardly turn the corner in a boutique without spotting a cute new bag that belongs in your collection. I never knew I was a purse addict until I met Disney bags. True story. Bags with a little Disney magic splashed across are a great way to show your love both inside and outside the parks.

New in the Magic Kingdom, and available for purchase in a multitude of styles and sizes is the new Vera Bradley Floral Collection. These bags are colorful and bright, soft to the touch, and begging to be brought home immediately. Each one is adorned with classic Disney characters: Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto. The flower pattern is blue and pink, so it’s sure to complement a wide range of outfits. They also have that iconic quilted Vera Bradley style that has made this brand stand out in a crowd. Is it just us, or has it become necessary to try to collect one purse from each collection? They’re all just too cute!

No matter what your preference may be when it comes to toting, whether small and wallet-like or big enough to fit all your kids’ junk as well as your own, there is something for you in the Floral Collection. Prefer a backpack? They’ve got those too! Prices vary, depending on what you choose, from $40 to $140. So really, the only questions are which bag are you buying and how soon are you going to the Magic Kingdom?

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Allison Luna