American Idol to host virtual auditions

Beginning 10th August American Idol is back and this time American Idol is due to host virtual auditions! Not even COVID-19 can delay American Idol! This will be the first-ever live virtual audition open to every state, allowing hopefuls the chance to showcase their talent from anywhere across America. By booking your slot online, this allows you to audition in front of an American Idol producer!

American Idol Virtual Auditions Dates

– Delaware, Florida and Ohio (Aug 10)
– Louisiana, Missouri and Wisconsin (Aug 12)
– Arizona, Oregon and Washington (Aug. 14)
– Georgia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Rhode Island (Aug 16)
– Open Call Auditions (Aug 17)
– Alabama, Arkansas and Kansas (Aug 18)
– Idaho, New Mexico and Utah (Aug. 20)
– Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas (Aug 22)
– Michigan, Tennessee and Virginia (Aug 24)
– Open Call Auditions (Aug 25)
– Iowa, Mississippi and Oklahoma (Aug 26)
– Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota (Aug 28)
– Connecticut, New Jersey and New York (Aug 30)
– Colorado, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming (Sep 1)
– Maine, South Carolina and West Virginia (Sep 3)
– Alaska, California and Hawaii (Sep 5)
– Kentucky, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania (Sep 7)
– Massachusetts, North Carolina and Vermont (Sep 9)

Please note, you must be between 15 – 28 years old to audition and may do so on any “Idol Across America” date regardless of your location. Click here to enter and good luck to all those with their American Idol virtual auditions! For more Disney news click here!

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Tessa H