Up Themed Disney Parks Designer Collection Ear Hat Coming To Festival Of The Arts

Up Disney Parks Designer Collection

Adventure is out there! Start your with this adorable hat inspired by UP from the Disney Parks Designer Collection!

Designed by Darren Wilson, this hat is double sided and features Carl and Ellie plus little details from the movie.

You can get it during Epcot Festival of the Arts this month! Check out all the details of this cute hat!


Up Disney Parks Designer Collection

The hat features Ellie and Carl as young adults on the front with ears that say “My Adventure Book” and their handprints and names on the other one just like you see on their mailbox in the movie!


Up ear hat

On the back you will find a picture of Carl and Elli now older, while the ears feature the tickets of their adventures and the grape soda bottle cap that Ellie  gave Carl when they were kids!


Up ear hat

On the inside you will find the iconic balloons that take Carl and Russell to Paradise Falls!

If you would like to meet Darren Wilson and get him to sign your hat, you can find him in the Canada Pavilion during Epcot Festival of the Arts!

Festival of the arts

Credit: Darren Wilson

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