Tron construction update from the Magic Kingdom

Tron construction

An exciting new feature is now showing at the construction site of Magic Kingdom’s upcoming TRON attraction!

The first canopy is being installed at Magic Kingdom. The Imaginer Zach Ridley explains how these canopies will be an exciting addition to the TRON theme. They serve as an “Upload Conduit” as guests ride past curved canopies.

The first Tron attraction debuted at Shanghai Disneyland when the park opened in 2016. The ride is a roller coaster adventure through a semi-enclosed structure in Tomorrowland. Disney is currently working on constructing the Tron attraction for Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

The ride draws its inspiration from the lightcycle vehicles shown in the TRON movies. It’s akin to a futuristic motorcycle thrill ride in a brightly lit video game environment. The ride receives fantastic reviews and critical acclaim at Shanghai Disneyland. The Magic Kingdom version will debut in 2021 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. Many Disney fans are eager to see the new TRON ride at Magic Kingdom when it opens up next year!

Even though we don’t have a confirmed release date yet, the good news is that there’s physical evidence that construction is making progress. We’re eager to see the TRON coaster ride when it’s complete!

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Kevin Koszola