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Traveling with a baby or toddler to Walt Disney World requires a lot of gear, even if you choose to fly.  Why would you rent baby equipment?  For some people, they would prefer a crib over a pack and play at their resort.  Others may need a stroller because it’s one less thing that they want to pack in their car or haul through the airport.    A reader recently posted on the Chip & Co Facebook page this question:

“Is there anywhere in or around Disney that I can rent a infant car seat? I will be traveling with a 9 month old in October. I am flying in but have access to a non-rental car once I am there.”

What a great question!  Here are some tips and ideas for rentals around Disney to make traveling with your young one easier.

1.  Consider checking your own car seat at the gate.  Airports will allow you to check your car seat and stroller right at the gate.  You simply take it there, and they will give you a gate check tag to attach to the car seat or stroller.  When you get off the plane in Orlando, your car seat and/or stroller will be right there waiting for you.  Babies R Us or other baby stores carry covers you can use to zip over your car seat and some have wheels and a carrying strap so it’s easy to transport around the airport.

2.  A Baby’s Best Friend is a baby equipment rental company in the Orlando area.  They rent both toddler and infant car seats, as well as cribs, strollers, and about any other baby gear you can think of.  While they don’t deliver to the airport, they will arrange a meeting place outside of the airport to get you your car seat or other baby gear.  An infant car seat rental price is $30-$45, depending on how long you need it.

3.  Kingdom Strollers is HIGHLY recommended by Chip & Co, as well as the Disney Mom’s Panel.  They rent Citi brand strollers {which is probably why you see so many around WDW} for $30-$55, depending on the length of your rental.  They also rent cribs and will deliver your stroller or crib to your resort or surrounding Orlando hotel.  They have unbelievable customer service and are very dependable.

4.  Baby’s Away will rent ANY type of baby equipment you need.  Bumbo seats, high chairs, cribs, strollers, car seats, bouncy seats, exer saucer….you name it and they’ll rent it to you.  At Baby’s Away, an infant car seat is around $36 a week.

Unless you check your car seat through at the gate, it could be a challenge to arrange picking up your car seat or stroller.  Most places will drop it off at your resort, or possibly meet you at a location near the airport.  It’s always a good idea to read reviews and testimonials from a rental company before going with them.  Your little one’s safety should always come first!

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