Beat the Heat by Stepping out of the SUN and Into the SPOTLIGHT!

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There is no denying that it is going to be hot in the parks.  With the official start to summer upon us, it is time to take a serious look at how to get around the parks on hot days!  I’ve done a lot of posts on beating the heat, keeping cool, and prepping your body (and mind) for that intense heat.  Today however, I am taking a look at some good ideas to break up your day in the parks with bits of shade.  Today I am brining you my top 3 favorite indoor/shade filled shows to help you cool down on those hot days! It was hard to do but, this theater lover has selected what I call the best!  We’re getting a bit dramatic friends, so as they say in the theater, on with the show!

Act One:  Finding Nemo the Musical

This is my favorite of all shows Disney World has to offer.  This show wraps up the story of Finding Nemo into a quick but music filled masterpiece.  With excellent puppetry, beautiful scenery, and stage talent, this show is sure to please young and old!  An in regards to helping you on hot days, this musical will delight not only your eyes and ears but also your entire body!  The theater is air-conditioned, offers about 30 minutes out of the sun, and not to mention seating!  You’ll truly feel like you’ve been to a Broadway performance!  So, if you’ve passed this show up before, do yourself a favor and stop in for some shade…you won’t be sorry!

Quick Tip:  You can find Finding Nemo the Musical in Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Dinoland U.S.A., in the Theater in the Wild.  If you want to catch a showing just pick up a Times Guides or swing by a tip board.  You’ll want to swing by at least 30 minutes before the show starts to ensure that you get good seats.  There is really good seating in the front toward the center stage that guarantees you’ll literally be in the show!

Act Two: Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

I love the Indiana Jones movies so naturally I love the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.  I’m not sure which of those loves is responsible for the other.  So, it should come as no surprise that I simply can’t pass up this Epic Stunt Spectacular!  This show brings to life the process of shooting and executing stunt scenes in the beloved Indiana Jones films.  There are some pretty intense falls, explosions, hits, and even some laughs!  I love this show, especially on a hot day!  There’s tons of seating, fans, a shady cover, and misting fans along the queue.  Take a moment to get out of the sun and be entertained the Hollywood way!

Quick Tip:  This show can be found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  For those of you who love the spotlight, come early and volunteer to be in the show!  To get the best seat, arrive about 30 minutes before the show and get set for some fun!  Sitting down front will give you the best pictures, experience, and opportunity to be cast in the show so, get there early!


Act Three:  American Idol Experience The American Idol

Experience is just that, an experience!  I love that it feels like you really could be there, I love that you get to hear brave park guests belt it out, and I love the overall cheese factor that the judges bring to the mix.  So, what made me pick this as a top three indoor/shady spots is the air-conditioned theater, the queue is shady and virtually walk on, and you get to dance/sing for about 20 minutes!

Quick Tip:  You can find this near Echo Lake in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Show times are listed in the Times Guides as well as park tip boards.  The finale show to determine the golden ticket winner is held nightly at 7.  If you can make this show you should try to!  Who knows, you might just see the next American Idol as their get their magical start!   Who knows, if you are at least 14 and brave enough to audition, it could be you!

So what is your favorite show at Disney?  How does it help you cool down on hot days?

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