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    We purchased a brick at Disneyland. When we made the purchase we were told that when they take them out that we would have the option of getting our brick back at no additional charge. We were told we would receive a notification, and given a specific amount of time to act.

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    We got our brick in 1994 and were told it was going to be there forever. And the replica for $10 isn’t the same design as the original brick. How is this right? IN ADDITION, even though we live in the Orlando area, we don’t hit the Magic Kingdom often and just found out about this during the past week. How do they not have the responsibility to contact the brick owners? If there’s a class-action suit, count me in.

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    Thats sad. hey should have figured out a new way to use the bricks. Im surprised there was no new innovative way to make a good use.

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    Renee Resnick

    It’s really a shame that Disney removed the bricks & even more of a shame that even if you did purchase one in 2000, you still have to pay $10. If you’re able to prove it’s yours or prove it on behalf of someone else, Disney should honor that & give the brick to you at no cost since they were the ones who decided to remove them–not the purchaser! It would be a nice complimentary “i’m sorry” gift, from Disney! For many people, these bricks have sentimental value to them. #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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    Baillie Nitz

    I kinda agree with the other comments. It’s sad that they’re just throwing stuff away for people who already purchased them. #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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    Ken Cordo

    Wow. Can you say class-action lawsuit ? So you paid for something that was touted as a “legacy” of your visits, and not only does what you paid for get removed less than 20 years later, it gets trashed. And instead of a “Sorry, but here’s a replica for you”, it’s “Hey, too bad, but if you give us MORE money, we’ll send you a knock-off”.
    Sorry Walt and Roy, it’s not taking too long for Eiger and Co. to undo all of what you gave us. Thanks for the memories . . . .

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    I think it is really trouble that they are just throwing the bricks in a pile and we who purchased them can’t get original brick. Also we have to pay to get a copy of the brick. Disney is all about the money anymore not the guests. Very disappointing!!

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