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  1. 12


    Wish they would have finished the walk around the world pathway. I would love that walk.

  2. 11


    I have been wishing that would happen forever and when I heard the good news I was exited but at the very end of the post you really disappointed me and I hope you are happy with yourself I think that that whole thing was just cruel and stupid of you.

  3. 10

    Arlene Bean Caruso

    You totally got me! I was super excited as I really hate not being able to get to the TTC under my own power…

  4. 9


    That was stupid

  5. 8


    Ugh lol I was really hoping this was true….

  6. 7


    Completed February 30, 2020 kinda gave away the joke

  7. 6

    Craig Caminiti

    Good I was reading it that’s going to be quite a trek…duh

  8. 5


    Knew you were kidding when you said “Wishes”

  9. 4


    Honestly really got my hopes up. I feel very trapped and anxious with the options for getting out of the park and this would have been so amazing for me even with the hike.

  10. 3



  11. 2


    April Fools!

  12. 1


    You had me for a minute. The sponsored by Lego gave it away

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