Disney to build footbridge from Transportation and Ticket Center to Magic Kingdom

Getting from Disney’s Transportation and Ticket Center to the Magic Kingdom can be a little tricky, especially after Wishes lets out. With the new Skyliner coming to Hollywood Studios just in time for the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge I am happy to report a new transportation option to help guests get from the TTC to the MK. (Click here to learn our favorite Disney Acronyms)


A recent permit filed with Reed River Improvement District shows a proposed walkway/footbridge that will take guests from the Transportation and Ticket Center to the Magic Kingdom, the best news it will be sponsored by LEGO!

As you can see from the photo, construction has already begun at the TTC and from what we hear the project is expected to complete on February 30th, 2020. You can also see some of the island construction photos here.

No word on what the bridge will look like but we hope it looks like the Golden Gate bridge or the Lego-Brücke in Germany.

Lego Castle

We are HUGE fans of LEGO and are super excited to hear about their involvement in the project.

We have many of their playsets such as:

I really want the Marvel’s Shield Helicarrier but it is really expensive and I bet would take a week to build. I find that building the LEGO sets are very relaxing but also challenging, especially the Lego Castle one.

I really wish I would have kept all of my LEGO’s when I was a kid, I literally had boxes and boxes of them.

I don’t even remember what happened to them, maybe my mom threw them out.

I need to call her…

I am hungry I think I will go get something to eat…


Mmm bacon… that was really good.

I like my bacon more on the crispy side myself. How about you?

Oh, you are still here reading this? You have to know by now this was an April Fools joke.

Gotcha 🙂

April Fools!

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Thank you, everyone, for being such good sports every year!


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