‘Toy Story of Terror’ to Air on ABC in October


It’s time to revisit everyone’s favorite toys again in a new Halloween special on ABC this October. Pixar and ABC have teamed up to bring us ‘Toy Story of Terror’, a new ‘Toy Story’ short film, which sees the toys ending up at a creepy hotel in the middle of a roadtrip with Bonnie. When one of the toys goes missing, the rest are left with the mystery to figure out what has happened to their missing friend, and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to them as well. The shorts sees the return of familiar faces Buzz, Woody, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, and Jessie, with Jessie taking center stage this time around. Producer Galyn Susman told TV guide why they chose to make Jessie front in center this time around:

“We’ve gotten to see a lot of development in Woody and in Buzz and we felt it was Jesse’s turn to really show some growth.”

That sounds like absolutely solid reasoning, and the character of Jessie is one that I think definitely deserves some more time to shine, so I’m glad to see her getting her due. Also appearing in the new special is Combat Carl, who we last saw in the first ‘Toy Story’ film being blown up by Sid. This will be the first time Carl has gotten a chance to be a full character, so it makes sense to get a great actor for the role, so Pixar got ‘Predator’ and ‘Rocky’ star Carl Weathers to join the cast. It sounds like the character may be a satirical take on his character from ‘Predator’, which definitely seems fitting. I ‘m really excited for ‘Toy Story of Terror’, how about you? It sounds like it’s going to be a great Halloween special, and it’ll be great to visit the characters again. Are you excited for the new special? Let me know in the comments below! Only here at Chip and Company!

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