Tourist brought AR-15 & 9mm handgun to Disney World over concerns with the Orlando protests

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Disney's Polynesian Resort

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a Southern Florida man brought an AR-15 rifle and 9mm handgun with him on his Disney World vacation because he was worried about his family’s safety during the social justice protests in Central Florida last month.

The unnamed man was from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and stayed at Disney’s Polynesian Resort over the Labor Day weekend.

The luggage attendant noticed the heavy bag and reported it to Disney Management which then contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office questioned the man who told them “he brought the rifle with him for their safety because of the riots and civil unrest going on in Orlando,” the incident report noted.

The gentleman had a concealed weapons permit and was not arrested, Disney Security held onto his handgun in the hotel’s safe, and the larger rifle was stored at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Disney released the following statement, “Our policy is clear that guns or weapons of any kind are not allowed at our resort regardless of whether someone has a permit.


Source Orlando Sentinel

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9 thoughts on “Tourist brought AR-15 & 9mm handgun to Disney World over concerns with the Orlando protests

  1. And that’s why my family will not ever visit Disney, buy their merchandise, or support their ratings. I invite ALL Constitution loving Americans to do the same.

  2. Lee , you are 100% right and that would make Disney 100% liable for their safety if something were to happen. I would think any place that doesn’t allow any kind of carry would be liable for your safety. Gun Free Zones were the worst thing anybody could have come up with but we’re of course not gonna blame that person we’re gonna go the easy route and blame guns.

  3. Great Policy. I’m sure the signs will keep mass shooters out of disney parks 🤣. Meanwhile the guy with his family who tried to be proactive is defenseless.

  4. Yeah little boy that gun toting coward won’t be under his kitchen table sucking his thumb in a fetal position when somebody’s raping his wife and murdering his children like you will be LMAO

  5. Business’s have the right to set their policies for facility and services use within the law. We as consumers have the right to use their facilities if we agree or to chose not to if we disagree. It is really that simple.

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