COVID-19 test site in Canada inspired by Disney crowd control measures

COVID-19 test site in Canada inspired by Disney crowd control measures

A COVID-19 test site in Canada is taking note from Disney and using a system for crowd control inspired by Disney’s FastPass system. 

At a testing site just outside Ottawa, Dr. Suzanne Rutherford, the lead doctor, was trying to come up with a solution to the site’s testing problems related to crowd control. The COVID-19 assessment center opened in Kemptville, Ontario in late September. During that time the testing system was under major stress. People were waiting outside test centers for hours at a time. 

It was because of this, Dr. Rutherford thought about how a Disney FastPass system could be the solution, so she then modeled the appointment system after the Disney FastPass system. Anyone who believes they qualify for a COVID-19 test is assessed by the staff at the Kemptville Campus Education and Community Center. If the person is eligible under provincial criteria they are then given a window of time to show up at the center where they could actually get tested, inside Belle Hall, to get tested. 



It seems like Disney was onto something when they created their FastPass system, in one day last week over 500 people were able to be tested. No one waited longer than 45 minutes from the time they arrived at the site to when their test was completed. That’s a great improvement, and hopefully, crowd control can stay on that path for this testing center. 


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