Top 5 Uses for Carabiners at Disney World

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself at Disney World, wishing I had one of those hiking clip things! I know you are probably thinking, “what, were you planning on doing? Scaling Cinderella Castle?” My answer is short and sweet…nope!  I actually have found this multitasker to be an essential when I am in the park (and we are talking no climbing here!).  In fact, I’ll go ahead and admit that while I like taking nature walks and “hiking”, I know so little about it, that I mistakenly have termed these popular cousins of the carabiner: hiking clip things, hooks, and my personal favorite, “clipy thingies” .  My favorite type of carabiner is the spring-loaded variety (typical of the “not suitable for climbing ” key chains).  These handy helpers are cheap, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they make getting around the parks a snap!

Today, I am bringing you my top five uses for the oh so useful carabiner, while you are at Disney World!

#1 Resort Mug Keeper

Just a month ago, I fumbled my way around the parks trying to keep up with my empty resort mug.  I’m always finishing up my drink from breakfast as we enter the parks and because it is absolutely necessary to keep up with your resort mug, I tried to shuffle it around in my park bag all day.  Since refillable mugs are only good for free refills at your resort, they really aren’t useful in the parks, but I had to find something to do with it until I got back to my resort. So, what was I to do?  Well, typically I bring a carabiner with me to the parks, but  in a last-minute parking blunder, I traded bags left them at home!  I vowed right then and there to always pack a few in my bag and not rely on my stash of already clipped bags.  The cool thing about the resort refillable mugs is that they have a handle that would allow them to clip on like a charm (freeing up my hands); I think I could have fit at least 3 to a hook!  Try it out next time you are in the parks!

#2 Camera Equipment Keeper

Being a Disney blogger, it is VERY rare that I go into the parks or anywhere on property without my camera.  I usually carry around a camera backpack with all my park photography essentials.  I find that having these clips in easy to reach places, allows me to switch between my point and shoot and my SLR without a headache!  Maybe you aren’t a Disney blogger, but this tip works for the regular park guest too!

#3 Hat Keeper

With all the sun, it is pretty smart to cover your head with a hat as you walk around Disney World.  The only problem comes when you enter attractions or rides that aren’t conducive of hat wearing (i.e., Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Test Track).  Also, you might want to de-cap in dark rides; having a carabiner will make stowing your cap (or Mickey Ears) easy!

#4 Fan Keeper

If you’ve read any posts about Disney World, chances are, you’ve come across ideas on how to stay cool in the hot Florida heat.  One of my favorite tips is to bring your own fan.  Besides being cheaper, the fans you buy outside of the parks are smaller and easier to manipulate.  I love buying key chain fans because I can…you guessed it…clip it!  Make it easy!  Beat the heat and keep your cool!

#5 Bags and Souvenir Keeper (with the Mommy Hook or jumbo sized clips)

I saw the most amazing thing on a stroller at Disney World; it was a jumbo sized carabiner and it had in huge bold words, “THE MOMMY HOOK”.  Here’s the deal, this jumbo hook holds bags, diaper bags, and small kids (okay, just kidding).  I thought this was genius for walking around the parks with a stroller; just clip it on the stroller and add bags as you go!   I have used smaller clips for clipping small bags and it worked well.  Apparently, the mega hook can be used to bundle lots of bags or lots of whatever.  For me, the selling point of this enormous version is that when you park your stroller, you just take your valuables of in 1 motion and go.

Do you have any creative uses for the “clipy thingies” when you’re at Disney World?  Share them below!

As always, thanks for reading!

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See ya real soon!


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  1. I know this is a really old article, but I wanted to add that I read somewhere (and it makes complete sense) to hook a pair of flip flops onto your bag for water rides. Flops weigh very little, but you can switch when it’s time to ride Splash or Kali, stow your sneakers in a locker and switch back when you’re done. For people like me who HATE wet shoes, this tip is a lifesaver!

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