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    Sarah Norris

    Angie, it’s great to hear that ‘Ohana did a great job of going above and beyond, even if some of the prepared meats weren’t that good!

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    On our recent trip, we made reservations at Ohana for the first time. I’m extremely allergic to sesame but have always wanted to try this dining experience. The chef called me in advance to discuss my options. He said that 2 of their meats are made with a sesame marinade but that they’d prepare my portion of them for me with a different marinade (beef and pork). There were a few other things on the table that I simply could not eat (like the pot stickers – bummer!). I was very impressed that he called me personally. Upon eating at the restaurant, the chef came to the table to confirm the plan, and point out the things that I simply could not eat. Then, they brought to the table a separate plate for me full of beef and pork skewers. Unfortunately, they looked dry and gray and tasted even worse – EW! LOL! But thankfully, I was able to fill up on some of the other food on the table and did not feel deprived. I usually do not enjoy chicken dishes very much, but the BBQ chicken they served on skewers was really delicious, and so was the shrimp. I felt bad that I wasted the beef and pork that they had specially prepared for me, but honestly, it was not worth eating. The waitress promised me that she’d be sure the chef didn’t see what I’d left behind – LOL! All in all, though, I was very impressed with the way they handled it. My 12 year old son has a sensory disorder and last year was the first year ever that we attempted to ask WDW restaurants to make special orders for him (because I just kept reading how accommodating WDW restaurants had become in this regard) and for the most part, was so disappointed on how it was handled that we didn’t even try this year (he just drinks a beverage while we eat and we arrange for him to eat his special foods before or after the rest of us eat in a restaurant). But Ohana went above and beyond for me and I’d recommend the experience to anyone with food allergies or no food allergies!

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