Top 10 Attractions with the Shortest Lines at Disney World


Memorial Day officially kicks off summer! Kids are on summer vacation, the temperatures are rising, people are filling up their pools, and families are going on vacation. Therefore, Disney World is a crowded place to be! If you’re visiting Disney World during the summer, you’re probably wondering how can I experience attractions without waiting and waiting? Is there anything that has a short line? Yes, there is! Disney World actually has many attractions that offer short waits almost all of the time so I have compiled a Top 10 list of attractions with the shortest lines.

1. TTA/WedWay People Mover-This attraction rarely ever has a wait; and even if it does, it’s usually very short. On really slow days, some Cast Members will even let you stay on the ride if you don’t want to get off, which is great if it’s raining or you have tired feet or tired kids. This attraction also gives riders a sneak peak of Space Mountain and is about 10 minutes long, which is pretty lengthy in comparison to other rides and shows. Regardless of what time of year you visit Disney World, you are almost always guaranteed a ride on the TTA with a minimum wait.

2. Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream-This Hollywood Studios attraction is a walk-through museum where you can learn about Walt’s life, the history of the Disney company, and the Disney parks. There are also models and artifacts and other things to see. I’ve noticed that both kids and adults enjoy this attraction; and since it’s kind of a walk-through musuem, guests can explore it at their own pace and I’ve never seen a line for it yet.

3. American Adventure-This show can be found at the American Adventure pavilion in Epcot. It’s an audio-animatronic show featuring major American characters in major moments of American history, along with beautiful sets and music. It’s a very moving show and usually the only waiting you will do is waiting for the next showtime. If you do arrive a bit before the show starts, you will be treated to a singing group, the Voices of Liberty, who sing just in the show’s foyer. This group is very talented and they dress in period costumes!

4. Spaceship Earth-Spaceship Earth is a very unique attraction in that is located inside of Epcot’s icon and share’s the same name. Spaceship Earth is a slow moving attraction that takes guests back in time to see advances mankind has made throughout history. This attraction can have a lengthy line at certain points during the day, especially early in the morning, but the line moves very quickly and the ride itself is longer than most.

5. Hall of Presidents-This attraction is a patriotic, historical show at the Magic Kingdom featuring audio-animatronics of all of our country’s presidents. This show is housed in a beautiful theater and narrated by Morgan Freeman. It’s an amazing show to experience and because the theater can see large numbers of guests, there’s usually no wait except for waiting for the show to begin.

6. Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse-This classic, walk-through attraction can be found in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. This treehouse is based off of the classic book and classic Disney film; and at the Magic Kingdom, you get to walk through the Robinson’s treehouse yourself and see how they used their surroundings to make a comfortable home. Since you can walk through this attraction, it is very rare to find a wait! But be sure not to rush through the treehouse as there are lots of details to see!

7. Backlot Tour-This attraction, located at Hollywood Studios, is really unique in that it offers several experiences in one. You will witness how action scenes are shot, see tons of props from popular movies, and even see how filmmakers use special effects at Catastrophe Canyon. This attraction can handle large volumes of guests so the line is hardly ever long!

8. Walt Disney World Railroad-The Walt Disney World Railroad is both transportation and an attraction. The train station, and possibly the train, are the first things you see when you arrive at the Magic Kingdom. You can hop aboard a train here near the entrance and ride a mile and a half around the park, or you can hop aboard at the Frontierland station later on. It’s up to you! The railroad gives you a different view of the park and is enjoyable and relaxing for all ages. Also, the only waiting you will have to do is waiting for a train to pull into the station.

9. Country Bear Jamboree-This classic Disney attraction has been entertaining guests since Disney World opened in 1971. This show has been criticized as cheesey; but it’s also charming andyou can’t help but smile. This show plays throughout the day at the Magic Kingdom and hardly ever has a long wait. It’s a great place to sit down, cool off, laugh a little, and young kids will enjoy it as well.

10. It’s Tough to be a Bug-Whether this show is good or not is often a topic up for debate since it seems to be geared towards kids and is funny, but yet a little too scary and the creepy-crawlers make guests want to run for the door. Despite what you think, this 3-D show almost always has a short wait.

Honorable Mentions: Living with the Land, Mickey’s Philharmagic, The Magic of Disney Animation

Now let me know what you think? Do you ever retreat to these attractions when the lines get too long?

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Attractions with the Shortest Lines at Disney World

  1. Thanks for the Train information. For our first trip, it will be nice to know where we can ride so we can give our feet a rest. LOL

  2. Last October I thought it would be faster to hop on the train to ride up to Tony’s for dinner, not to mention my 6 yr old was not up to the walk. I had to wait for three trains to come before we were able to get cramed on to a train. So I wouldn’t spread the no wait train thing too much. 😉

  3. Several attractions listed are movies and shows. Wait is determined by start of next show. Others are similar- Impressions de France, Festival of the Lion King, Nemo Show, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, etc. another short ride line is in Mexico.

  4. When I was at Epcot in April I went on the Land two different times in the day and I literally got onto the ride, no line, nothing! Once at night, once in the morning!

  5. That’s a good point, Larry. The line for that attraction is always short. I will have to mention it next time! Thanks for commenting!

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