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  1. 5


    these sound so fun, but I’m getting too old for all nighters! Even for Disney! The dorms in DCA sound like they could be extremely funny!

  2. 4


    Hmm… We will be arriving the night of. Might just have to catch part of it. May just drop the kids and wife off at the hotel and then go play 😉

  3. 3

    Kalonni Tiffany

    Too bad that DCA will essentially be closed for at least 4 hours for Grad Night, probably longer, considering they have to get non-participants out of the Grad Night areas and set things up FOR Grad Night. The only things that will be open are Soarin’ Over California and the Hollywood Lot area. Waste of a ticket for those who don’t have passes/

  4. 2

    Kelly Becnel Cagle

    we will be there and mike wazowski is my all time favorite character! thanks for the info!!

  5. 1


    Sounds like it will be a lot of fun!

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