Thomas Kinkade releases new Mandalorian art pieces

Here’s some fantastic news for those who are crazy about The Child of Star Wars fame. There’s a Thomas Kinkade Mandalorian collection coming soon and the excitement is too real. You can see some samples below.

The Mandalorian™ Collection presented by the Thomas Kinkade Studios is a series of Limited Edition Art that captures iconic scenes from each chapter of the Disney+ Star Wars™ live-action series. Each work of art brings beloved characters and stories to life with the luminous techniques the artists of the Thomas Kinkade Studios are known for. This historic collection marks the first set of paintings published by the Thomas Kinkade Studios to include the artist’s signature.

Be sure to check out the Mandalorian collection by clicking here!

Thomas Kinkade was known as the Painter of Light.  However, he did share his creative process and techniques with artists during his career. So they carry on his artistic legacy with new designs. Currently, Thomas Kinkade Studios applies those same techniques in their works today and will be using them for this newest series with Star Wars.

You should check out the other Disney artwork of Thomas Kindade’s art collection. The holidays are a great time to consider Disney art as gift for a special someone!


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Kevin Koszola