The New Cool Wash At Epcot Has A Refreshing Revamp

Epcot’s Cool Wash went from a bland misting station to a fun and custom slushy stop. This revamped station has a bunch of options to choose from and is the perfect addition to the Florida heat.

The Cool Wash is located near Test Track and the new Donut Box Booth. When you get in line you’re given these cards to fill out. You can pick your slushy flavors and then a topping if you want. All this is included for $6.00 plus tax for a version without gin and $13.50 for the version with.

After you fill out your card and pay you go through the queue and they make your custom slushy. There are lots of different options to choose from. I went for a classic cherry and Coke with boba pearls. I did end up getting pop rocks but it was still amazing and delicious.

The slushy does come in a cone-shaped cup. I get that it’s trying to mimic an ice cream parlor with the flavors and toppings but you can’t put this down. I still think it’s definitely a spot you should stop at though for a refreshing drink. I would just recommend doing so when you have a moment to sit and enjoy it. There’s some seating there for your group to sit and chat.

There’s so much happening at Epcot and this was such a fun addition. I’ll definitely be going back go try some more flavor combinations on my way to the World Showcase.

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Susan Wilson
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