Last Day to Enter – Disney’s Tangled Blueray/DVD Combo Giveaway!

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Last Day to Enter - Disney's Tangled Blueray/DVD Combo Giveaway!

Here is your chance to win it before you can buy it! Chip and Company is giving away Tangled on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack sponsored by Chris from Pixie Vacations to celebrate the movie’s release on March 29th.

You have over 6 ways to enter:

#1 – Comment on this article – Tell us what you love about Disney Movies. Is it the characters? If so who is your favorite? Do you like animated or live action movies better?  Let us know in the comment box below.

#2 – Comment on any other article on the site – I will be tracking all comment between when this post goes live and the contest end. So enter as many times as you like the more you comment the more chances you have to win!

#3 – Share this Page on Twitter –  Use the Retweet button in the top right. Just click and share. (The winner earlier this week came from twitter so be sure to tweet this contest)

#4 – Share this Page on Facebook – Look below the Retweet Button in the top right. (Make sure you Like Us on Facebook if you haven’t already!) You can also use the @chipandco on Facebook with a link to this page to share it with your friends.

#5 – Post this contest on your blog – If you have your own blog feel free to post this article on it. Just post a link below in the comment box to the article on your site. I love other Disney sites and who knows you might get a few new fans.

#6 – Subscribe to our Newsletter – Have Disney News & Views delivered to your inbox. I will track all new subscribers between now and next Tuesday.

This Contest is running between now and Monday March 28th at 11:59pm. I will pick one lucky person who then has 24 hours to contact me back confirming their entry. If that person doesn’t respond I will pick another and so on and so on.

If you have any questions let me know via my email address. ( If you don’t win that is sure to use the $5 off coupon below to pick up your copy on March 29th.

Special thanks to Chris at Pixie Vacations!

From now until the end of April, book a Disney vacation worth $2200 or more and receive a free $50 gift card on top of current Disney discounts. Booking a grand gathering? The same deal applies per room.  Email Chris at for details.

Chris writes here and at  Everything Walt Disney World. She’s also a member of the Mouse Chat Podcast and a travel agent with Pixie Vacations.

Last Day to Enter - Disney's Tangled Blueray/DVD Combo Giveaway!


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101 thoughts on “Last Day to Enter – Disney’s Tangled Blueray/DVD Combo Giveaway!

  1. Shared on FB…Cool site! Gotta love animation. Have 2 boys so anything with villans works. even the princess movies work with my boys because there is always a villan. caan’t wait to see Tangled 😉

  2. I have EVERY animated movie Disney has made. There is nothing more wholesome than those movies…(except when those crazy imagineers get into trouble sometimes…they know who they are!)

  3. WHat’s not to love about Disney movies? The characters are always funny or at least entertaining.. and the movies are for the family. I like the animated ones more.. My favorite is the Little Mermaid

  4. I LOVE Disney movies – we have collected a lot of them (and are slowly replacing our old VHS ones with DVDs). I love the characters and the beauty of the animation, but I think what I love best are the stories and how well they are told.

  5. I love the detailing in the animation! And of course the story lines. It’s really the whole package that makes Disney movies a cut above.

  6. What I love about Disney movies is the happily ever afters. I also love the characters, the art going into making them, and of course the stories themselves. I’m more partial to animation than live-action though.

  7. I love all the Disney Movies! One of my favorites is Snow White but we Love Tangled just as much..such a cute movie! I also shared this on FB!!

  8. I really like the crisp animation of Disney – I feel safe showing my kids Disney movies, both animated and live action!

  9. Animated Disney movies are always so good for everyone in the family! I love all the Princess movies so do my girls

  10. I love Disney movies because they are timeless. From Snow White to Tangled, you can watch them with anyone, anywhere! We love them all!

    Shared on Facebook, retweeted and subscribed to your newsletter.

  11. The best part about Disney movies are their ability to entertain viewers of ALL ages. The visual/auditory aspects keep the very young intrigued, the stories are exciting for children and the humor keeps the adults laughing!

  12. I like that I know I can trust it for my kids, but also that it’s entertainment for the whole family! I also always love the music in them!

  13. I like the animated Disney movies best. I know I can take my niece to them and not have to worry about them being to violent or scary for her.

  14. I love Disney movies. I love the fact that I can watch them with my grandchildren and don’t have to worry that there might be inappropriate material in the movie.

  15. I love Disney movies because my kids enjoy them so much. They are safe for my kids to watch. I don’t have to worry about adult themes. The animated ones are their faves.

  16. we love disney movies because of the artistry in both the visual part of the movie as well as in the writing. disney movies tend to bring out an array of emotions, and it’s always nice for the kids that the endings are positive/upbeat.

  17. My family loved this movie. It is great for both boys and girls (grown and children). It would make a great addition to any movie collection. We love everything Disney

  18. Our family enjoys Disney movies because 99% of the time it is a movie our entire family can sit down and watch with out me having to pre-screen it to make sure it is approach for our little ones to watch.

  19. I love Disney Movies because as a family we all enjoy them my son loved Cars and of course Matter but me I don’t want to grow up and Disney Movies makes me feel like a big kid.

  20. I love Disney Movies because as a family we all enjoy them my son loved Cars and of course Matter but me I don’t want to grow up and Disney Movies makes me feel like a big kid.

  21. My favorite Disney movies are animated. I am a huge Disney fan but more so, I enjoy my 4-year-olds love for Disney movies.

  22. My favorite Disney movies are animated. I am a huge Disney fan but more so, I enjoy my 4-year-olds love for Disney movies.

  23. I absolutely love Disney movies because they are “family movies” that everyone can enjoy, nothing I have to censor or worry about and they always leave you feeling good. I have to say that Tangled is one of my new faves. Also loved Monsters Inc.

  24. I love Disney movies…..My daughter loves beauty & the beast best. And my son loves Wall-e. I shared on FB as well

  25. I love that in Disney movies there is always a happy ending and I love animated the best and one of my fav’s is Finding Nemo

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  26. I can’t pick one thing I love about Disney movies – the music – the laughs – the touching moments – the talking animals . . .

  27. I love all Disney movies, but especially animated- the detail is amazing and the things the animators think of blows my mind. I cannot wait to see Tangled again but in my own home

  28. Everyone can enjoy the movie. I love them and buy them and I have no children living in my home. When the grandchildren come over we watch them together.

  29. I love the clear drawings on disney animated movies
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  30. I love the animated movies. The stories are great and ones that we can share as a family. My absolute favorite is Beauty and the Beast, but I haven’t seen Tangled yet.

  31. Oh, I LOVE so many of them! Growing up with the least of perfect situations at home it was always a GREAT way to get away! I used to pretend to be snow white living with 7 idiots though and then trusting a wicked witch! I always dreamed of my prince charming to come kiss me out of the spell- I guess I got it sorta kinda with the guy I am married to or 7 years now!

  32. I love Disney movies because they each have their own story and characters that really appeal not to just children, but to the whole family. I love the animation, one of my favorites is Toy Story. I have been watching Disney movies since I was a child and love the classics like Bambi still to this day. The way Disney has changed is quite something, but they are still producing classics that we all love. Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful giveaway!


  33. I commented on your Disney Consumer Products to Expand Offerings to Provide More Healthy Family-Friendly Food Options post.

  34. What I love about the Disney movies are the stories. I love that you can sit down and cast the world’s worries away while you engage into the fairytale, where happily ever after still exist.

  35. I love ALL Disney movies but tend to lean toward the animated. Lion King is my favorite and I still get chills on the opening sence. I remember seeing this opening night (with 12 of my friends-all aged 17-24) and 5 minutes into the movie saying “I am buying this!” I love how Disney puts quality family movies out. My 5yr old loves Jasmine.

  36. I love animated disney movies!!! reminds me of being a young kid again and their music and songs are unmatched!!! Aladdin and Sword in the Stone are my favorites. i’m gonna have to go with Genie, Merlin and Abu for characters

  37. I like animated better 🙂 I get very excited for animated movies to come out! The current favorites are Beauty and the Beast and Princess and the Frog at our house!

  38. Just saw the trailer — looks like a great movie! I second the PP on the strong leading lady — I love what the animators did with all her hair!

  39. My kids and I would so love to win this movie because we haven’t seen it yet! I’ve instilled a love of Disney’s incredible animation in my kids and we pretty much love every animated movie.
    I’ve tweeted, shared on fb, and subscribe to your newsletter. Thank you for all the great information!

  40. I have to say Tangled is my favourite of all time Disney Movie. I love tht Rapunzel is strong and smart and not a Damsel in distress but rather a young girl eager to start her life! My 5 year old adores this movie, we have seen it probably 5 times now! It’s her favourite Disney Movie too!

  41. I love Disney Movies – my favorites are the classics thought. They just don’t make them like they used to!

  42. I love how Disney movies bring out ALL of your emotions, you laugh and cry. Tangled was a tear jerker, but it was also really funny 🙂 Or Toy Story 3 when the toys are sliding down to the burner, you are crying at the edge of your seat, then the LGMs save the day :)…and your laughing again LOL

  43. My family is so behind! We actually havent seen tangled yet. Seems like it was just at the movie theatres.

  44. My family is so behind! We actually havent seen tangled yet. Seems like it was just at the movie theatres.

  45. I love Disney Movies because we can watch them all as a family. It’s nice to be able to just watch a movie without any questionable content in them. Plus there is just something “magical” about Disney movies.

  46. Disney movies appeal to all age groups. I think the animation and storyline are geared towards the children, but they add jokes and puns so creatively that sometimes only the adults “get it”. And they remain wholesome while still keeping up with the times. I just love everything Disney! And Rapunzel? Most awesome! 🙂

  47. Disney movies offer a variety of entertainment including drama, music and laughs – we really enjoy watching them and they are the movies we watch again and again. The animated movies are some of our favorites and when Pixar and Disney team up it’s magic!

  48. I like that we can enjoy the movies as a whole family. The kids enjoy them, my husband and I enjoy them and they a;ways provide us good entertainment.

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