Super Cute Baby Yoda Macaron Spotted in the Magic Kingdom

Baby Yoda Blue Macaron

The Mandalorian may not be putting out any new episodes for a while, but that doesn’t mean the acclaimed show is out of mind. Its influence on pop culture and in Star Wars fans’ lives is almost immeasurable. Leave it to Baby Yoda to choose what we will watch, wear, and now eat. Remember those cute little blue cookies Grogu eats in season 2? We found some in Walt Disney World!

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Baby Yoda Blue Macarons are now being sold in the Main Street Confectionery in the Magic Kingdom. They look exactly like the little cookies Grogu steals from a student in Chapter 12: The Siege. Grogu steals food a lot in the show, but this is the first time he chooses something we’d also like to try. Endangered frog eggs? No thanks! But deliciously chewy and brightly colored cookies? Yeah, that’s the stuff!

These “ma-ca-rohn” (aka fancy French sandwich cookies) are each sold separately at $4.49 apiece. That’s before tax or AP discount. While that may be a chunk of change, they cost about the same amount of money as any other treat you can purchase at the Confectionary and are a refreshing departure from typical, yet beloved, theme park snacks. Their almond base makes them lighter than a cupcake and they certainly have less frosting! However, they’re still pretty luscious to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Will you be trying a Baby Yoda Blue Macaron from the Magic Kingdom? Or try one of the other versions that have been popping up? Or maybe even make your own at home (see the link below!)? Let us know in the comments!

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