Stormtrooper in Galaxy’s Edge Owns Guy With a Lightsaber

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Galaxy's Edge Stormtroopers

Galaxy’s Edge, in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, is a Star Wars fan’s playground, a place where imagination can run wild and the average human can wield a lightsaber as powerful as Darth Vader’s. Of course, even the greatest fantasies have their limitations. That’s what one visitor to Batuu learned the hard way when he met Kylo Ren and a couple of stormtroopers.

Thanks to the internet, people around the globe have been blessed with the footage of one unfortunate Star Wars enthusiast, wielding a lightsaber, who manages to get the attention of the dark lord. Kylo Ren sees him and says “A lightsaber? Interesting,” while one of the stormtroopers guarding Kylo gives the man a once-over. This is where all dreams of an epic battle die, as the stormtrooper proclaims “If there’s one Jedi left, it’s not you.” To add insult to injury, the second stormtrooper chimes with an “Affirmative.” The poor would-be-warrior hangs his head and lets the trio pass, but this video will serve as a testament to his attempt forever.

As Star Wars fans around the world grieve and/or celebrate the end of the Skywalker saga, many are flocking to the Black Spire Outpost and continuing to live out the adventure for themselves. Hopefully for most of them, encounters with familiar characters will go a little more smoothly than they did for this visitor. Whatever happens, we hope that the force will be with him.

Allison Luna