Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge my first impression

This afternoon I had the privilege of visiting Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios. While not set to open for many months we were given a sneak peek into this huge new area. Sorry no photos or video were allowed.

Honestly huge is an understatement as this area is MASSIVE!

When you walk in over by the Muppet Courtyard you actually go through a tunnel that reminds you of the planet Hoth. The entrance is carved out of stone and helps you gauge the size of this area.


Looking at Black Rock Spire off in the distance is not optical illusion it is really that far away. We were only allowed within the first 50 feet of the area but you could see many recognizable things from all of the concept art.

See the Concept Art here.

Disney Imagineers had a model on display so we could look to see just the landscape detail and I would venture to say it almost doubles the size of Hollywood Studios.

On our tour our guide pointed out some of the highlights such as Smugglers Run, and Ride of the Resistance. I am looking forward to visiting the Cantina and sampling some Green and Blue Milk!

The detail of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is going to be unheard of. If you are Star Wars Junkie like myself you are going to be in heaven, if you are a scruffy looking nerf herder you will be presently surprised with how much you really know about Star Wars.

With all of the construction I really hope they will make the August 29th deadline.

I can’t wait to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

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