Spoiler Free Review: Spies In Disguise

The latest animated feature from Blue Sky Studios, “Spies In Disguise“, debuts in theaters on Christmas Day. We got the chance to see this film and we can’t wait to share how much we enjoyed it!

Spoiler Free Review: Spies In Disguise
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This film comes to as the first animated feature from the Walt Disney and 20th Century Fox merger. Blue Sky’s Troy Quane and Nick Bruno were inspired to create this film from an original short film, “Pigeon Impossible” by Lucas Martell.

Spies In Disguise” is a whirlwind adventure that kept us on the edge of our seats. The odd couple type of dynamic that characters Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) make for some pretty hilarious moments. The rest of the voice cast is also unique and includes stars Reba McEntire, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled, and Masi Oka. The entire cast did such a great job adding hilarity and warmth to this feature.

Although the film follows a traditional spy movie format, it has its own unique look and style. From color to lighting, the imagery of this film is quite beautiful. Typically, in a spy movie, you have those long shots of an international destination and the way these animators created the same look is brilliant.

Ultimately, “Spies In Disguise” is a heartwarming story with all the tight spy movie elements. It’s a great film to watch with the family during this holiday season!

Don’t forget to catch “Spies In Disguise” in theaters on December 25th!

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