Social Distancing Measures In Place On The Jungle Cruise

jungle cruise

It’s time to head off to adventure aboard the Jungle Cruise!!

The comedic boat tour is back at Magic Kingdom Park today! But of course in order to keep everyone safe, there are some healthy measures that must be followed.

The first thing you will see when you get to the Jungle Cruise will be social distancing signs on the floor leading up to the attraction entrance. These signs continue once you are making the queue inside as well.


Once you are able to board your boat, you will notice some changes, like signs on the seats saying “for your safety, not allowed” to make sure each party is seated apart. You will also see some plastic dividers were also installed for extra safety.

You must also wear a face mask at all times. The only times when you are allowed to not wear it is if you are eating or inside one of the relaxation zones. 

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