Shoot ‘Nothing But Net’ at the NBA Experience at Disney Springs

Shoot 'Nothing But Net' at the NBA Experience at Disney Springs

Walt Disney World has a new experience coming and it’s opening is just around the corner. On August 12, Disney Springs will open the brand new NBA Experience and you’re sure to have an amazing time with all 13 basketball-related activities. You can work on your ball-handling skills at Dribble or make your first slam-dunk over a Dunk!, which features an adjustable rim. Test out your NBA and WBNA knowledge at Trivia or check out the Arcade, where you can play the classic Pop-A-Shot game. You can visit and revisit all of the activities as many times as you want to practice and improve your skills as well as your previous scores.

Shoot 'Nothing But Net' at the NBA Experience at Disney Springs

Here are five important things to know if you’re on the fence about trying this new venue:

  • The experience is very guest-oriented and encourages you to participate in every activity. Once you’re inside, make sure to complete the optional registration. You can pick your favorite team, choose a nickname, which will essentially personalize your experience. Through different experiences, your teams’ logo will be on display on various leaderboards and signage. During the Shoot! experience, the court transforms into your team’s home arena! Different size basketballs are available to fit everyone and you set your skill level.
  • You will be completely enthralled by the environment. Walking into the NBA experience will feel like walking into an actual arena. The energy is high with overhead monitors, lights, and music and you will easily be swept away and intrigued by each activity.
  • If you love high tech, you’ll love this experience. There are massive touchscreens when you first enter the building where you can brush up on your favorite teams’ history. For the Replay experience, you are set up with your very own replay station where you review three different scenarios. You can view the plays from different angles, rewind the videos, and zoom in at different points of the videos before you determine to confirm or overturn the calls.
  • This experience just might leave you breathless; not from the physical exertion, but the sheer encouragement from others. From the virtual coaches to your fellow teammates, you’re always being encouraged to do your best and be successful.

Tickets are $34 for adults and $29 for children. Tickets for the NBA Experience are not date-specific and are valid through December 31, 2020. So grab your gear and get ready to make a slam-dunk at this new experience at Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs.

Source: Disney

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