Sheriff Woody Stranded at the airport and needs a ride home.

Woody airport

A passenger dressed in cowboy gear missed his flight and needs a ride back home for the holidays.

Tampa International Airport says Sheriff Woody was left stranded on the ramp Sunday night. He watched as his Alaska Airlines plane left for Seattle without him.

Crews at the airport found “Woody” at the Alaska Air terminal and believe the “rootinest, tootinest cowboy in the Wild, Wild West” was trying to make it to Seattle.

“To Seattle, and beyond! Last night, this Alaska Air flight somehow left Woody on the ramp. Anyone headed to the Pacific Northwest so our buddy can hitch a ride? Thanks,” the airport tweeted Monday.

Photos taken at the airport show Woody sitting atop a luggage conveyor belt with his thumb pointed to hitch a ride. The airport is hoping some passenger headed to the Pacific Northwest will be able to help the Toy Story star get to his destination.

It’s also a quite fitting journey for Woody since the first Toy Story movie celebrates its 25th anniversary this week!


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Kevin Koszola