Buffalo Plaid Toy Story Alien returns to Disney World

Alien popcorn bucket

What a festive way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pixar’s Toy Story. Christmas merchandise is popping up all over Walt Disney World, and high on our holiday wishlist are the numerous new popcorn buckets to be had. Every year, seasonal buckets turn up all around the parks and make us crave popcorn even more. Plus, it’s fun carting our treats around in these special Disney-Pixar containers!

Hollywood Studios has brought out a few souvenir treat holders, with one of the most popular options being the Toy Story Alien Popcorn Bucket. The hilarious little green men who stole our hearts in that Pixar classic have returned, dressed in flannel winter pajamas, to take us to their leader. Or the nearest popcorn cart for a refill!

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The alien’s mouth opens to reveal a cavity for popcorn, or maybe another snack guests would like to carry around with them. He is equipped with a strap for easy travel. Each bucket costs $25, tax included and can be refilled for $2 as many times as guests would like for the length of their stay. Considering what a healthy and filling snack popcorn is, not to mention what other Park options can cost, this is a great deal to keep your family munching throughout your Christmas visit! Plus, your new friend will be ”eternally grateful” to be going home with you.

Whether guests are big popcorn fans or big Toy Story fans, this little alien is a hard souvenir to pass up. Check out any one of Hollywood Studios’ popcorn carts to pick up one for yourself!

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Kevin Koszola