Save Your Way To Walt Disney World!


Walt Disney World is an amazing place that really has something for everyone, and a vacation destination this great does NOT come cheap. There are plenty of ways you can save money in the Parks, but you have to get there first – so how can you help plan and save enough money to get you and your family to the Place Where Dreams Come True?   

Here are a few ways:

Ask For Disney Gift Cards: Chances are pretty good you will have a Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas etc between now and your next Disney trip – so use that special occasion to your advantage and ask all your friends/family to give you Disney gift cards! You can buy them online or at any grocery store that has one of those gift card kiosks (usually they are available in $25 and $50 incriments there), or you can pick them up at your local Disney Store.

Convert That Allowance Into Souvenir Money: One of the biggest trip expenses (at least for me!) is souvenirs– Disney has so many great items available that I find myself needing purchase a new Mickey suitcase just to get them all home! This cost can get even higher if you have kids, so what I suggest doing is a few months before your trip, reward them for chores/good behavior etc with a $1 on a Disney Gift Card – it can be in place of their allowance or just for extra special good deeds, and you could even make a game out of it, and once it’s time to go, they can each have *their” gift card and you don’t have to worry about where the extra money for those souviners will come from.

The Disney Chase Visa: This is a perfect way to help save for your Disney vacation, how it works is that for every $100 you spend on the card, you get $1 ‘reward dollar’ which can then be transferred to a card that works essentially like a Gift card – you can use it to pay for your trip, or for souvenirs/meals in the Parks. A lot of times they offer a bonus gift card or offer for signing up, so be sure to keep an eye out for that to maximize your rewards! There is also a “Premier” version of the card, which has even more perks but also has an annual fee of $49 (so if you aren’t getting $49 or more of additional rewards, I would say skip it and stick with the regular Visa)

Let Your Bank Help You With A Recurring Transfer: Most banks that offer online access to accounts will give you the ability to setup a recurring transfer online as well, where you can set it up to automatically transfer a certain amount each week or payday to a seperate “vacation” account. Even if it’s as little as $10 or $20 each week, you would be surprised at how fast that can add up to a trip to see the Mouse!

Stay In And Save: Instead of paying a ton of money to go out to dinner and a movie for date night or a family night out, put on your PJ’s and cuddle up on the couch with pizza and a Disney movie – and stash away those extra dollars for your WDW trip.

Make Saving Fun With This Cute Craft: Let your kids help you make a Trip Savings Jar where you can stash all your loose change and watch it add up to a vacation! Oh, and once you book that WDW trip, don’t forget to make a cute countdown calendar too.

What about you – how do you like to plan and save for your WDW trips?

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