Reedy Creek firefighters voice concerns over staffing due to upcoming Skyliner and Galaxy’s Edge


Reedy Creek Figherfighters at Walt Disney World are stretched thin. With the opening of Disney’s Skyliner and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge this fall, many of the Firefighters are already stretched to the max and the new transportation system and land isn’t even open yet.

The Disney Skyliner system presents its own series of challenges for the firefighters, especially if the ride breaks down. Nobody wants to be stuck up there for hours… Then when Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens and the hordes of people that it will bring that itself will offer up even more challenges for Reedy Creek Firefighters.

Tim Stromsnes, with Reedy Creek, states “We’re just worried that with all this expansion, we’re not going to have enough firefighters.” So far 32 Reedy Creek firefighters already work each shift and the fire chief recently requested to hire about 40 more but was only approved for two administrative positions.

Disney said in a statement to WFTV:

“The safety of guests and cast members is and always will be Disney’s core focus in operating its parks and resorts.”

No word if the Reedy Creek Firefighters will get additional staffing, but I know Disney will make it their number 1 priority as they always do.



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4 thoughts on “Reedy Creek firefighters voice concerns over staffing due to upcoming Skyliner and Galaxy’s Edge

  1. The Union is using all of you like puppets. Look at the Data. The Monorail may be old but still SAFE. The Gondolas are also SAFE. Stop using politics for negotiations

  2. I’m glad to see they are putting out a statement about safety and not letting that slip by. Just goes to show the importance of our fire departments for not only our homes and business safety but for protecting us during times of recreation.

  3. This is the exact reason why you will NEVER catch me on the skyliner!!! I hate being over water, just the thought of that .00001% chance of being stuck scares me, especially because it would be extremely difficult to be rescued. Even if the gondola gets stuck over land, it’s so high up that it would take firefighters forever to get everyone down, especially because the amount of firefighters that can help are limited. I’m even hesitant on riding the monorail because it’s always breaking down, and like the skyliner, doesn’t make for an easy rescue. I’ll stick to riding the bus! #DisneyVacayGiveaway

  4. We need to give a hand for firefighters! I can imagine the stress it is to be a firefighter, but with the increased crowds at Disney and the heat, I can see how that would be a huge problem. I hope they’re able to get the rest they need. #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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