Are there many Quick Service breakfast choices at the Disney World Theme Parks?

With so many people taking advantage of the Disney Free Disney Dining Promotion, a lot of questions seem to come up about counter service options in Disney World especially questions about eating Breakfast in the Parks. Where can we go? What options are available? And many more..

Unfortunately there are not many places to go, but all of the parks have at least someplace where you can sit down for a Quick Service Meal.  Most places have a selection of Pastries, Muffins, Coffee, Tea and Water. If carbs are not a big deal to you then these places will do just fine, but for me I am more of a Eggs & Bacon Fan so we try to save Quick Service options for Lunch. 

Here are the Quick Service Food options located in the 4 Disney World Theme Parks.

Magic KingdomMain Street Bakery has one of the most perfect views of Cinderellas Castle. Most times when we have been in here the place has been packed! What we like to do is grab our food and then head over to the tables in front of the Plaza Restaurant. That early in the morning everyone is running to the rides so other than the foot traffic you usually have the area to yourself.

EpcotSunshine Seasons is our favorite spot for Quick Service Meals in Epcot. We usually get a few breakfast plates which have BACON and share them between all of us. Be sure to get an Apple Caramel Crunch for Dessert!  Boulangerie Patisserie in World Showcase is another good choice, keep in mind you won’t be able to get here until the World Showcase opens at 11am. They offer both snack and quick service options for all meals.  You can also grab a quick service breakfast at Electric Umbrella but let’s be honest it’s not really that good.

Hollywood StudiosStarring Rolls is not only your best choice in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it’s the only breakfast-offering stop! We are firm believers that a cupcake is ok for breakfast on vacation. Try the Butterfinger, Red Velvet or the Peanut Butter Cupcake! You will find yourself craving these when you are back at home.

Animal KingdomKusafiri Coffe Shop or Tamu Tamu Refreshments are your best choice here. Food is rather iffy and change often. I usually tell people to eat before coming to DAK or wait till lunch time. We love Flame Tree Barbecue for lunch! Yum!

Don’t forget almost ALL Walt Disney World Resort Hotels offer a food court of some sort.  Most times you will want to eat here before you head off to the parks but at least there are some options for you in the parks.



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3 thoughts on “Are there many Quick Service breakfast choices at the Disney World Theme Parks?

  1. Also, in Magic Kingdom there’s Sleepy Hollow. The waffles and fruit are really good. 🙂 I would avoid cupcakes for bfast, even while on vacation because all the sugar slows down your energy for the rest of the day.

  2. I def want a quick erve bfast so that we can get going and get into the parks right away. Mickey waffles take a long time to enjoy and eat.

  3. I was hoping that I had missed something in my “studying” of places to eat at in WDW. I guess we’ll continue to grab something at the food court before we head off to the parks – but not everyday! Cupcakes for breakfast sound great to me. We decided to have breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe outside of the AK before we head on in. And I can’t wait to eat at the Flame Tree Barbecue since I have read so many good reviews of it. Thanks for taking the time to write these blogs. I haven’t been to WDW in 6 years so it’s been nice getting tips and pointers before our December trip.

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