Pucker Up For Spring With Adorable Disney Princess Lip Balms

Who can resist a cute lip balm? I know I can’t! Target now has the most adorable Disney Princess Lip Balms, inspired by Snow White, Ariel, and Belle. The best part about these cuties, is they are only $1.99, that’s a great deal for such an adorable essential!

Red apples are an iconic symbol of the original Disney Princess Snow White. This lip balm pot is not only in an apple shaped container, but it’s also apple flavored!

The Ariel lip balm takes us for a dive under the sea with a teal seashell shaped container. Fortunately the flavor isn’t seafood inspired, but a tasty berry!

Disney Princess Lip Balms

The Belle lip balm container is inspired by the Enchanted Rose, which has become a popular icon! This rosy balm has a strawberry flavor to keep our lips hydrated while we dive into a good book.

These fabulous lip balms are great for the every day Disney Princess, you can toss it in your bag, or even display it on your desk or dresser. It would also be a great addition to a Disney fan’s Easter Basket!

Which of these Disney Princess Lip Balms will you choose, or will you get all three? I know I’m going to get all three of these irresistibly adorable lip balms.

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