Proper Park Etiquette – What NOT to do at Disney World!

With so many people running around the parks, it is important to know how to behave.  Proper park etiquette can get you a long way!  Today we are looking at the top 5 offenses that I’ve seen in the parks.  These offenses may seem small or simple but for some reason, I continuously see guests making them.  Read on an learn what NOT to do at Disney World!

1. Talk during the ENTIRE ride

I’ve sat through many a ride where guests chatted away during the entire ride…seriously to the point that the intended narration and information was lost in a sea of conversation.  LOUD, conversation!  Here is what I propose, if you are having a conversation, do everyone else a favor and wait until you are finished talking before boarding the ride!  Nothing ruins EPCOT’s Living With the Land more than only being able to hear some irrelevant conversation from the row behind you.  I don’t know about you but I would much rather hear about the 9 pound lemon!  Do everyone a favor and keep your conversation to a minimum!

2. Cut in line…

I have seriously become a no cutting captain.  I remember letting people sneak into line and not saying anything out of frustration, intimidation, or something.  Not anymore, those days are gone!  Now, I politely inform the offenders that we’ve been waiting in line and they’ll have to do the same.  In March I was waiting to ride Snow White’s Scary Adventures one last time and this family cut by crawling over the metal railing.  Seriously, are you going to teach your kids that?   Not on my watch!  I called them out!  It is not fair for everyone to wait while others sneak, lie, and cheat to get a quicker ride!  That is not cool!

3. Be a parade pusher…

A parade pusher is a person/group of people who push and shove their way to the front of the parade line, disturbing the view of others who sacrificed park time to save a good spot.  I’ve been the victim of this before too.  One time, a teenage girl literally squeezed her way into the inch (no kidding) between me and my friend.  I can’t stand that!  If she had just asked, I would have gladly given her my spot.  Instead, she squeezed and shoved and then had the nerve to ask my friend to stop waving at a character so that she could get a photo!  No way Miss Parade Pusher!  You are gonna have to go!

4. Take flash photos when you are asked (repeatedly) not to…

This one seems so simple yet so many guests break this rule!  Several of the rides and attractions you’ll ride clearly say “no flash photography”.  This means for everyone!  Rides like the Haunted Mansion ,Pirates of the Caribbean, and Spaceship Earth are ruined with flash pictures.  Flash photography is annoying, blinding, and not very thoughtful for other guests.  If you see or hear “no flash photography” don’t do it!  Learn to change the settings on your camera and save other guest’s eyes and experience!

5. Fill up at Club Cool

I love Club Cool!  It is probably one of my favorite things to do at Disney!  I swing by every time I visit EPCOT.  I try the sodas and I’ll admit that I get a few tester cups full of my favorite soda, Manzana Lift.  Tasting is fine!  But I have issues with guests that decide to fill up their used empty water or soda bottles with the soda. Okay, that’s not only cheap and annoying, but it is WAY gross.  I’ve seen mouth pieces all up on the soda dispensers.  That sicks me out!  Don’t do it!

And one more just because I am on a roll…

6. Don’t stand up on the Safari…

                                               …and for goodness sake, don’t let your kids do it…

I listed the Kilamanjaro Safari specifically because that is where I see this offense most.  To be honest, that is where I hear it the most, have to sit while the ride stop the most because of it, and get annoyed by it the most!  Cast members give many warnings and reminders to guest asking them to remain seated.  If you’ve ever been on a safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom you’ll understand the urgency.  Those animals are all very real. For some reason, I’ve seen this problem at its absolute worst as the safari bus makes its creaky crawl over the  float of Nile Crocodiles.  What?  Those things have real teeth!  This is not the Jungle Cruise!  Those animals will eat you up!  And no, that picture is not worth it!   Standing up to get a better view or picture is dangerous and rude!  Please, for the greater good of those on safari with you, sit down!

I hope you’ll join with me in banishing these unthinkable things! If you would like more be sure to check out  7 Deadly Sins of Disney World Vacationing.

So, now it is your turn to help out!  What are some of your park pet peeves?  Have you seen anyone do any of the items listed above?  List your pet peeves and eye-witness accounts of annoyance in the comment section below!

As always, thanks for reading!

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36 thoughts on “Proper Park Etiquette – What NOT to do at Disney World!

  1. I was probably one of them. I have severe arthritis in my hips and shoulders that is not visible to others but prevents me from walking or standing for long periods. I use an ECV so that I can still enjoy vacations with my children. Sorry if my presence offers you but I paid for my ticket, same as you. Why shouldn’t I enjoy the park, same as you. Most people on an ECV would never intentionally run over another guest. Are you sure you didn’t stop abruptly or step suddenly in front?

  2. I wish all Disney Parks would be smoke free, especially Animal Kingdom. As for smelly guests, a lot of them are foreigners who don’t share American views on daily personal hygiene. The large foreign groups are usually teens, so cut them a little slack. If everyone would speak up against line cutters, pushers and place holders and remind them it is grounds for park expulsion, maybe they would quit. No matter the irritations, I try to remind myself I”m in one of my absolute favorite places, and that most people are there to enjoy it, too, so I think of something positive to focus on.

  3. Some are first time offenders, and should be cut some slack. Gentle, polite reminders might go a long way.

  4. Myria, that is crazy! 9-10 year olds? Yikes! Have you seen the Modern Family episode where they went to Disneyland? Lily is on a kid leash because they had the same problem…it is a must watch! Thanks for reading and commenting Myria and Erica!

  5. I understand that your young child needs a stroller but do you really need to bring an all-terrain one that has wheels that are as large as my bikes? Well not quite that large but you get my point. It really irks me to no end when I am having to stand on the bus because your stroller is so large it takes up a whole seat!!! Wal-Mart carries compact umbrella strollers. Bring that type instead.
    If your child is crying because he/she doesn’t want to experience a particular attraction don’t make him! Nobody wants to listen to your child screaming “NO,No,NO!” throughout Haunted Mansion, POC, etc.
    Know what your group is ordering before you get to the register. I’m hungry, I want to eat not wait on everyone in your party to decide if they want chix nuggets or burgers.
    To get this point across I will quote the announcement on the monorail, Ericafied. When waiting in line “Please stand clear of my backside. Por favor, manténgase alejado de mi trasero”.

  6. Some of my biggest pet peeves will be readily familiar to any WDW regulars, and are as follows: First: Inconsiderate smokers. Yes, you have the right to smoke. You DON’T have the right to make me and my kids breathe your smoke! Next, people who apparently don’t bathe! Seriously folks, it’s called “soap, shower, and deodorant”, and it’s done DAILY. Standing in line next to people who didn’t get this memo is nauseating! Finally: Brazilian tour groups! Loud, obnoxious, aggressive, and the manners of swine. They’ll bump into you without apology, and, while waiting in line, will all break into spontaneous songs [in their native tongue] at the top of their lungs, just to annoy everyone else. So help me, next time it happens, I’ll see if I can get everyone around me to respond with an equally loud rendition of “America, The Beautiful”!!

  7. Mine is strollers and it is twofold. One is people running into you or using the strollers to make a path especially those double strollers. I have had a few rage moments from being run into repeatedly especially at parade time when sidewalks get crowded. I also can’t stand seeing kids that are way to big be in strollers 8 or 9 yos should be walking. I actually heard a parent say once that she pushes her 9 and 10 yo around in the stroller because she can’t keep track of them otherwise.

  8. Oh, Carrie and Glendon, this one really gets under my skin too! My Mom shared with me she thinks guests riding from DtD to a resort should be required to show their Key to the World card. I think that is a pretty good idea! Thanks for reading and commenting guys! 😀

  9. Kylie, that seems to be a popular one! I agree, move over and leave the path open…or at least give a heads up for the person behind you! Thanks for reading!

  10. Debbie, that is a good one. I’ve never had that particular problem at Disney World but I would certainly hope smokers would use the designated smoking area! Thanks for reading!

  11. I’ll agree with everyone here! I think true abuse of the wheelchairs is wrong. But, I see where Kelly and Lisa are coming from! My Nanny would be one of those who could walk a short distance but in order to get around Disney (without trouble) she would need a wheelchair/motorized vehicle. Thanks for reading and commenting guys! 😀

  12. Yikes, Angela! It seems like you’ve seen some pretty rough kids! I feel bad for the CM playing the Stepmother! I’m glad you area bringing your children up the respectable way! Thanks for reading!

  13. deb and Glendon, I am cool with your use of little cups to refill the mugs. I just get annoyed by the gross mouth piece touching methog! Fill on friends! 😀 And deb, you are right, rudeness is what it really all boils down to! I am glad you take the high road! Thanks for reading guys!

  14. Love the list! I want to know when did it become okay for large crowds to encourage line cutting? When I am in the parks with more then 3 or 4 people and we get separated I allow the rest of the guests to pass us until we get back together. Pushing and shoving from 3, 4 or more people who are trying to get back together with their party is rude and just doesn’t work in some queue lines. Also the most annoying thing we encountered at WDW just recently were the giant tour groups that insist on staying together at all times. They were the worse about cutting lines to stay together. Also we witnessed a chaperone standing for 10 minutes at Soaring to Fasspass over 100 tickets at the same time. We were told that at other attractions sometimes 3-4 chaperones would be doing the same thing. I know this doesn’t violate any procedures but it is just rude to the other guests who are trying to get just a couple of fasspasses.

  15. Some people can walk a little bit but are not able to walk around the park all day. That’s the case with my grandmother and I see no reason in making her walk through the lines just because she could walk out of the park from the wheelchair return.

  16. I’m going to admit I’ve been guilty of #5, but I the 1 time I did it, I used the little cups to fill my refillable mug. Point taken & I’ll just suck down a few cups inside of Club Cool from now on. To expand on Parade Pushers, I cannot stand the families that seem to think because I let their child sit in front of me at the rope/curb, I’ve give permission for mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents to also get in front of me. I think my pet peeves can all be wrapped up in one word – RUDENESS! But I just try to breath in the pixie dust and continue to enjoy my vacation!

  17. Not everyone’s “handicap” is a mobility issue. You can have a LEGITIMATE handicap/medical issue and still WALK out of the park!

  18. I absolutely agree. However, I usually assume the folks taking flash pictures and standing up don’t understand the language, as there are many of our friends from foreign countries. Some cultures actually do push and line cut (ever been to New York? LOL) but it’s really not ok there either. At least I don’t think it is! I try not to assume maliciousness for things that can generally be explained away with cluelessness ;). So when we point things out to our “fiends” with inappropriate etiquette, remember to be polite 🙂

  19. I have several pet peeves but one of the biggest is parents that don’t parent (discipline) their children. Not everyone thinks little Johnny is the cutest thing on the planet and letting him run riot rude and inconsiderate. I’ve seen parents let their children run into CM’s with strollers on purpose. No joke, the kid ran into ‘The Stepmother’ at 1900 Park Fare and then looked at her and yelled move. And the kid’s mother laughed. We’ve seen parents pull down a little boys pants and tell him to pee in the grass instead of taking him to the restroom. This was right in front of the Polynesian. And then there’s just basic manners. It amazes me how many parents don’t teach their kids to say please and thank you. You’d be surprised how many CM’s have looked shocked and then smiled because our DD’s ask politely and then say thank you. It’s as if they’re stunned that it’s happening in the first place, but the fact that they’re hearing it from teenagers is almost astounding.

  20. MIne is seeing people abuse the handicap accessibility…getting wheelchairs and scooters to get in front of the lines! I have seen soo many rent the chairs and then at the end of the day return them, only to stand and WALK to the buses! Makes it hard for people that really DO Have handicaps to get the help they need!

  21. Electric skooters that people use not for a medical purpose, but from pure laziness, then they ride so close to you, they hit your heels. I saw people trick or treating in skooters last year at Mickey’s Halloween party – it was obscene.

  22. Along with conversations on the rides goes talking on cellphones. Please wait until you’re off the ride or out of the show.

    If it’s your child’s naptime, or they’re hungry, and screaming his/her head off, please take them outside. Nothing ruins a show or nice meal like screaming. I know you spent a lot of money on your special Disney vacation, but please try to stick to your child’s normal routine as much as possible. It will be a much more magical time for everyone.

  23. I didn’t like it when a large group of people would stop in the middle of a crowd with their strollers and motorized wheelchairs to take a break or take out their maps to see where to go. This was especially annoying when off to the side there was a large empty place that would have been great to take a break.

  24. The biggest offense I have found is the parents that are walking around the parks and smoking….enen though it is a smoke free parks except for the smoking areas….lthis is disgusting and they are blowing smoke in other peoples faces and childrens faces…….

  25. My biggest pet peeve is when people stop dead in front of you in the middle of a walkway. Please be courteous enough to move over to the edges of the walkway if you have to look for something or take care of something. Traffic jams can already be an issue and stopping in the middle of a huge crowd of eager park goers just adds to the congestion.

  26. Awesome! One of my park pet peeves is when people park at DtD to avoid paying for parking. Then they take buses to resorts and hop them to parks. That’s annoying!

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