Proper Park Etiquette – What NOT to do at Disney World!

With so many people running around the parks, it is important to know how to behave.  Proper park etiquette can get you a long way!  Today we are looking at the top 5 offenses that I’ve seen in the parks.  These offenses may seem small or simple but for some reason, I continuously see guests making them.  Read on an learn what NOT to do at Disney World!

1. Talk during the ENTIRE ride

I’ve sat through many a ride where guests chatted away during the entire ride…seriously to the point that the intended narration and information was lost in a sea of conversation.  LOUD, conversation!  Here is what I propose, if you are having a conversation, do everyone else a favor and wait until you are finished talking before boarding the ride!  Nothing ruins EPCOT’s Living With the Land more than only being able to hear some irrelevant conversation from the row behind you.  I don’t know about you but I would much rather hear about the 9 pound lemon!  Do everyone a favor and keep your conversation to a minimum!

2. Cut in line…

I have seriously become a no cutting captain.  I remember letting people sneak into line and not saying anything out of frustration, intimidation, or something.  Not anymore, those days are gone!  Now, I politely inform the offenders that we’ve been waiting in line and they’ll have to do the same.  In March I was waiting to ride Snow White’s Scary Adventures one last time and this family cut by crawling over the metal railing.  Seriously, are you going to teach your kids that?   Not on my watch!  I called them out!  It is not fair for everyone to wait while others sneak, lie, and cheat to get a quicker ride!  That is not cool!

3. Be a parade pusher…

A parade pusher is a person/group of people who push and shove their way to the front of the parade line, disturbing the view of others who sacrificed park time to save a good spot.  I’ve been the victim of this before too.  One time, a teenage girl literally squeezed her way into the inch (no kidding) between me and my friend.  I can’t stand that!  If she had just asked, I would have gladly given her my spot.  Instead, she squeezed and shoved and then had the nerve to ask my friend to stop waving at a character so that she could get a photo!  No way Miss Parade Pusher!  You are gonna have to go!

4. Take flash photos when you are asked (repeatedly) not to…

This one seems so simple yet so many guests break this rule!  Several of the rides and attractions you’ll ride clearly say “no flash photography”.  This means for everyone!  Rides like the Haunted Mansion ,Pirates of the Caribbean, and Spaceship Earth are ruined with flash pictures.  Flash photography is annoying, blinding, and not very thoughtful for other guests.  If you see or hear “no flash photography” don’t do it!  Learn to change the settings on your camera and save other guest’s eyes and experience!

5. Fill up at Club Cool

I love Club Cool!  It is probably one of my favorite things to do at Disney!  I swing by every time I visit EPCOT.  I try the sodas and I’ll admit that I get a few tester cups full of my favorite soda, Manzana Lift.  Tasting is fine!  But I have issues with guests that decide to fill up their used empty water or soda bottles with the soda. Okay, that’s not only cheap and annoying, but it is WAY gross.  I’ve seen mouth pieces all up on the soda dispensers.  That sicks me out!  Don’t do it!

And one more just because I am on a roll…

6. Don’t stand up on the Safari…

                                               …and for goodness sake, don’t let your kids do it…

I listed the Kilamanjaro Safari specifically because that is where I see this offense most.  To be honest, that is where I hear it the most, have to sit while the ride stop the most because of it, and get annoyed by it the most!  Cast members give many warnings and reminders to guest asking them to remain seated.  If you’ve ever been on a safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom you’ll understand the urgency.  Those animals are all very real. For some reason, I’ve seen this problem at its absolute worst as the safari bus makes its creaky crawl over the  float of Nile Crocodiles.  What?  Those things have real teeth!  This is not the Jungle Cruise!  Those animals will eat you up!  And no, that picture is not worth it!   Standing up to get a better view or picture is dangerous and rude!  Please, for the greater good of those on safari with you, sit down!

I hope you’ll join with me in banishing these unthinkable things! If you would like more be sure to check out  7 Deadly Sins of Disney World Vacationing.

So, now it is your turn to help out!  What are some of your park pet peeves?  Have you seen anyone do any of the items listed above?  List your pet peeves and eye-witness accounts of annoyance in the comment section below!

As always, thanks for reading!

For more tips and ideas check out my blog: Disney:Done Right!

See ya real soon!



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