Could price change be coming to Resort Refillable Mugs?

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Green Rapid Fill Mug

Hey Disney World peeps! You know who this is! I know you only read this blog to read my gossip so here is some more for you! I have been hearing a lot about a price change coming to the Resort Refillable Mugs, so of course Chiperoo, the slave-driver, made me go around and see what I could find.

I am sure you know that the mugs are priced by days or you can purchase one for your entire length of stay. Well it appears as though in some resorts the pay by the day option has gone bye-bye and they are testing just a set price, which seems to be $16.49 plus tax across the board no matter how long you stay (this is how it used to be).

That is cheaper then the $17.99 length of stay option but more expensive then the pay by the day option if you are there for only a day or two.

So far this has been tested a few resorts from each level. Some people have said this started over a month ago at certain resorts.

What do you think about this? Is it a value or not worth it? Let me know in the comment box below.

Of course, nothing is official until Disney gives the final word! 

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2 thoughts on “Could price change be coming to Resort Refillable Mugs?

  1. Am I wrong in assuming that if you stay at one of the resorts, you now have to pay for your refillable mug? My mug was always free when staying at the resort.

  2. We bought our mugs at the Contemporary Resort in May 11-16 2015 and paid the $16.49 price. We stayed for 5 nights and that was the only option available. Compared to our trip in November 2014, where we stayed at Saratoga Springs, the length based mugs were available and the top price was $17.99. I would be more inclined to purchase these more often if the designs were changed to accommodate yearly/bi-yearly visitors. Obviously, for longer stays the new pricing is a better value.

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