Things You’ll Need While Pregnant at WDW

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Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to Walt Disney World with 28 youth while I was 32 weeks pregnant!!  Luckily, I wasn’t traveling with my own boys, ages 11 and 3, and I was there in February so I didn’t feel too guilty for not riding all the rides and seeing all the shows!

This trip was a whole new experience for me since I was so pregnant!  I thought I was prepared, but honestly I wasn’t!  I should have “trained” more by walking around my neighborhood and should have thought harder about things I would need while in the parks.  So, after my personal mistakes from last week, I’ve created a list of 10 things you’ll need to have if you are traveling to Walt Disney World pregnant… especially if it’s in the summer months!

1. Water.  It was so hot last week.  My hot natured husband wasn’t even sweating while I was literally dripping sweat!  I couldn’t drink enough water while I was there.  I know I was dehydrated and was still drinking a ton of water.  DON’T SKIMP ON WATER!  It’s free at all of the counter service restaurants.  While the “Florida water” does taste funny to me, I still drank it.  I also asked for large cups of ice and would let that melt into water, which seemed to taste better!

2. Fan– See above… It was HOT!  I ended up using a park map to fan myself, but a handheld, battery powered fan would have been so much better!  I could have purchased one in the park for $15ish, but am too cheap!

3. Washcloth– Did I mention it was hot last week?  The first day I took a washcloth from the resort to wipe the sweat off my face.  But the second day, I forgot it.  So I purchased a “Magic Towel” at the gift shop for around $3 and wet it in the bathroom.  This was a lifesaver!

4. Snacks– I had granola and peanut butter crackers in my bag which helped keep my going throughout the day.  Walking and sweating so much made my appetite increase!  These were nice to have between meals without spending a lot in the parks.

5. Comfortable Shoes- This is a must for all WDW travelers, but especially if you are pregnant!!  In fact, bring 2 pair of comfy shoes so you can swap them out every other day to keep your feet more comfortable.  Also, make sure the shoes can expand as your feet swell and grow during your travels!

6. Hair Ties- I tried to keep my hair down and “look cute” while at WDW, but it was too stinkin’ hot!  I’m so glad I had extra hair ties in my bag to pull my hair back off my face and neck.

7. Tylenol- By the end of the day, my hips, lower back and feet were killing me.  The tylenol helped.  Remember to ask your doctor what type of pain relief is best for you.  My doc always said Tylenol and nothing else.

8. Maternity Belt- This was one thing I didn’t have and wish I had.  I may not have needed as much Tylenol had I brought my maternity belt to help with the strain my belly was putting on my body!

9. Foot Cream- This was awesome to have!  At the last minute, I threw some Aveda stress relief foot cream in my bag and it was heavenly!

10. Plans to Rest!- This is probably the most important.  Listen to your body.  If you need to rest, do it!  Find a nice air conditioned attraction or restaurant.  Head back to the hotel. Find a quiet bench in the shade.  If you don’t rest when your body and your baby need it, you’ll be miserable!

Hopefully some of these items will help you enjoy your next vacation while you are pregnant!  Also, check out a great list of attractions you can ride while pregnant!

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