What shoes should I wear at Disney?

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What shoes should I wear at Disney?

I am sure most of us have seen the woman who has on heels and is dressed like she is going to her prom, now while she may look good I know she is not very comfortable. If you are not comfortable then you will not be able to enjoy your day at the parks. Remeber you will be walking miles and miles, so comfort over rules cute in this situation.

I say always go with sneakers or if there is a chance of rain possibly crocs. I know crocs are not cute but I am trying to have fun not win a beauty pageant.  There are now many different styles of crocs, some of which you can buy at the parks. I have a pair of Mickey crocs that I got at Mousegear in Epcot and I love them. I have worn sandals, crocs, sneakers and flip flops. Let me tell you most of those were very bad ideas.

Tip: When you are buying Crocs always make sure that your toes do not touch the front of the shoe. There should be about a half an inch or so between your toes and the front of the shoe. Most people don’t know that and buy them to tight so they don’t get the full comfort of the shoe.

Sneakers or trainers as some call them are the best option for all the walking and standing you will be doing at the parks. I am very picky with shoes due to my back injuries, so here are some of the ones that work for me are Skechers tone ups: They are very padded and have a slight rocking movement to them which makes for less pain and fatigue. New Balance has also proven to be very comfortable to me.

Tip: Do not buy running shoes I recommend walking shoes. They just seem to work better.

I have heard some people say they switch out shoes and socks during the day. Some people also alternate different types of shoes throughout the day.  I personally have never done that but I say do whatever works for you. Comfort is the number rule when roaming the Disney Parks.

Tip: Make sure you wear shoes that are already broke in. Do not buy new shoes and then wait to where them at the parks. There is nothing more comfortable, when you are on your feet all day then a good well fitting, well broken in shoe.

Tip: If you need some extra padding in your shoes or if you suffer from knee or back problems I recommend Dr Scholls Back Pain Orthotic inserts. They are heavenly.

Do you have any other tips or tricks? Let us know in the comment box below.

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What shoes should I wear at Disney?

What shoes should I wear at Disney?

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What shoes should I wear at Disney? What shoes should I wear at Disney? What shoes should I wear at Disney? What shoes should I wear at Disney? What shoes should I wear at Disney? What shoes should I wear at Disney?
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13 thoughts on “What shoes should I wear at Disney?

  1. Comfort before style ! I always say .. I cant stand seing people in flip flops at the world ! dont they get tired ;(

  2. Oh and insert wise.. Power step, Spenco or Lynco brand Blow Dr. Scholls away.. Remember its about the amount of support not the amount of squish.. We don’t build bridges out of gel.. Why would you want to support your body weight with it..

  3. Pedorthically speaking Crocs are the WORST choice you can make to walk Disney. There is Zero Support for your feet. Remember Soft and Squishy does Not equal support, and ultimately can cause you foot injury. Because they are soft and squishy they appeal to the soft tissue in the feet and lie to them making them think all is well when truly they are causing more harm. Given the amount of walking you will do at Disney doctors recommend you wear a good stable gym shoe or sandal type shoe. Try and limit Crocs or Flip Flops to wet rides and resort pools. Also if you have time add a nice arch support or custom orthotic a few months before you go this will generally benefit you more then shoes alone. I would recommend Brooks, New Balance, Keen, Teva, Orthaheel sandals,.. But do yourself a favor can the crocs

  4. I have the same issues as you but I have never tried the shoes you reccomended. I will try them, you never know. Thanks for sharing

  5. I am not a big fan of sneakers either, especially since I live in Florida. I only wear them in the parks.

  6. I have a couple of pairs of not-too-nice-looking sandals that are so comfy. I only wear them at Disney and don’t care how I look as I’m running to fetch our fastpasses!

  7. I usually wear my Tevas while at Disney. They allow my feet to breathe and also are very comfortable. My husband rotates between Keens, sneakers and Crocs. I think the most important key is to know your feet and what is comfortable for you!

  8. I can wear Keen sandals for a day at the parks (and I have ankle, joint and arthritis issues…permanent handicapped tag) I also wear ECCO Biom sneakers with a custom insole. In other shoes, I have the Dr. Scholl’s insoles for arthritis pain. They also work well.

  9. I wear comfortable sandals like Birkenstocks…..there are less pressure points to create blisters, etc and they are comfortable all day. They also keep my feet much cooler than socks and sneakers.

  10. I’m not a big fan of sneakers because if I go when it’s really hot out, my feet get too sweaty and uncomfortable. Tevas (flip flops) are the most comfy flip flops ever! I didn’t think a pair of flip flops could be that comfortable, but I wore them in the parks all day every day for a week and never had any issues.

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