A Plunge Into the Water on The Jungle Cruise Causes Attraction Change

The Disneyland Jungle Cruise attraction has had to make some minor changes to its loading and unloading process after a 5-year-old girl had fallen into the water.

Disney added bumpers to the Jungle Cruise boats as well as reduced the gaps that exists between the boats and the dock – thus making it easier for guests to load and unload.  The attraction closed for a week to make the necessary adaptations and reopened in early August.

This has not been the first time that someone has fallen into the waters of the Jungle Cruise.  Over a five-year period two other people have fallen into the water and fifteen guests have had “part or other parts of their body” slip into the gaps, which before could reach 9″ wide.  Disney has  now has reduced the gaps to 3″ with its new fixes and the boats are tied and untied as they are loaded/unloaded.

After the Nov 5th incident where the girl fell the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health received a complaint and the state ordered Disney to reduce the gap.  While the girl was not injured the state was concerned enough to investigate.  But Disney was proactive and made the modifications to both the state and their satisfaction.

There is also a pending lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court from a couple who claim their were thrown from their seat when their boat hit an island.

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