Planning 101 – My Baggies are Packed and I’m Ready to Go

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Planning 101 - My Baggies are Packed and I'm Ready to Go

There are many uses for zip top baggies when you travel to Disney. Just to name a few, they are good for: housing your cell phone, camera and anything else you want to keep dry inside your day
bag; putting a wet poncho into, if necessary; carrying leftover food from meals in the parks; creating a first aid kit; transporting toiletries that could leak or explode in your suitcase; and keeping jewelry together securely. I use them in all these ways and more. They come in so many sizes they can be used for just about anything you wish. But recently I have found another way to use them that I find very helpful so I wanted to share it with you.

I consider myself to be a very organized person. I have to admit that I am usually not organized to this extent but last summer awoke in me a great idea and I plan to continue the use of that idea on my upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. Let me just preface this segment by saying that I realize this is going to freak some of you right out. I am aware of that but, please, don’t judge me! 🙂

Last summer I chaperoned our youth group mission trip. There were a number of us on the trip and we knew that there would be limited access to the “facilities.” I wanted to be as prepared as possible so as to finish quickly giving others the chance to get ready for the day as well. I had read about a great idea before the trip and expanded on it for my needs for that trip. The idea was to put each day’s wardrobe in a large zip top baggie. This worked out so well for me that I fell in love with the idea. In the mornings, I grabbed the baggie for that day and my baggie full of toiletries and headed to the restroom. The mornings were basically effortless because I didn’t have to fumble around trying to figure out what I was going to wear and I never forgot anything I needed once I was at the facilities.

In order for this plan to be successful you might imagine it will take some steps to prepare in advance. But, if you do this for yourself and for your kids your mornings could run so much smoother at Walt Disney World. Keeping your sanity is a good thing!

Step 1: Know what you need to pack

Make a list of the items you need to pack. Then, decide on how you will match them up to make outfits. Match up the outfits for each day before you begin packing.

Step 2: Plan for each day using your itinerary

Organize your outfits by day or evening depending upon your travel itinerary. For instance, if you will be heading to the Animal Kingdom park and you plan to ride Kali River Rapids that day, you might create a set including quick-dry shorts and shirt, 2 pair of socks, undergarments and a rain poncho.  In theory, you can put on your clothing when you get out of the shower, minus the extra pair of dry socks and poncho which you will be reminded to throw into your backpack for later that day.

The same is the case for the days your family plans to wear matching shirts. Just grab the sharpie and write that date on the baggie, according to your itinerary, and you will know exactly what you are to wear that day. We usually plan this on days when we will be having our photo taken for a special purpose.

Set a pile for each of the days you will be traveling. Be sure to pile everything you need for that day including: matching bottom, top, undergarments, socks, etc. If you are super organized you could even add your hair accessories and/or jewelry for that day as well.

Step 3: Fold it properly to save from wrinkling

Fold the garments thusly:

For pants, capris or shorts, fold them in half length-wise, then in half for shorts and in thirds for capris or pants.

For shirts, lay it out on a flat surface with the front of the shirt facing down. Fold the sleeves in at the seam, then fold the shirt in half length-wise. Now fold it in half horizontally.

Step 4: Bag it up

Put the bottom of your outfit (folded) on the bottom, your undergarments and socks in the middle, and then your shirt on top. Now, slip it into a large zip top baggie. Seal it except for a corner and push the excess air out, then complete the seal.

The 2.5 gallon size with the zipper closure works the same way and is great for bulkier outfits like jeans with a sweatshirt or sweat suits. I also use these if I will be wearing the same pants for day and evening and one shirt for day and a ifferent shirt for evening. I still have everything for that day in one location. There is no thought involved as I have already thought it out ahead of time.

I do not write the date on each baggie as not all my days are pre-determined. For instance, on most days for our upcoming trip to WDW we will be going to one park or another so it does not matter what outfit I choose on any day. However, on the day the itinerary shows we will be going to Epcot for our free meet n greet photo and we plan to wear matching shirts, I will need a little different wardrobe so I will mark that date on the baggie with a sharpie.

This really saves on packing unnecessary items as well.

Step 5: Continue this for your kids too

If you have small children and you pack their things this way, it will save you so much time and trouble while you are on vacation. I wish I had done this when my kids were small. I plan to do it for my future grand-princess in a few years though.

Good luck and happy packing!

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