Part Time Cast Members petition Disney to allow them to keep Park Admission & Discounts

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The global pandemic has affected many in the past year. Even those who worked for theme parks and resorts are finding themselves financially strained as a result of job loss. Now a group of former part-time Disney Cast Members are trying to circulate a new petition in hopes that Disney will listen.

The former Cast Members are asking Disney if they could let them keep their employee discounts and park privileges for a while longer. It’s been a rough adjustment after being laid off and they believe having their benefits extended will help Disney as well. Those interested in signing the petition can click here.

The actual text of the petition is found below:

We as the Cast Members of The Walt Disney Company have been torn from everything we know because of COVID-19.  We understand fully, that during these hard times, The Walt Disney Company, had to make the tough decision to lay off most of their PT Cast Members.  No one deserves any of this hardship that is happening right now in the world.  It doesn’t take any money from the pockets of The Walt Disney Company to let the “laid off” PT Cast Members keep their Park Admission privileges and discounts throughout the Parks and Resorts.  If nothing else, it can bring more money into the Parks and Resorts as Cast Members are always purchasing food and merchandise.  We are asking The Walt Disney Company to make the right decision and let the affected Cast Members keep their “Blue ID’s” until call back rights are expired.


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One thought on “Part Time Cast Members petition Disney to allow them to keep Park Admission & Discounts

  1. I have a daughter who was a Cast Member & worked at Casey’s Corner in Magic till 2 & 3 amalso worked at Tomorrow Land Terrace Dessert Party too. She worked till March 15 th which was 10 months in the DCP program! She has moved into an apartment where th a roommate & the rent is very expensive & they pay Electricity & Water too! She’s hoping to wait it out and get a job back at Disney! She’s applied for 9 jobs no luck yet! I feel like she should also be allowed to get food from the food pantry and a pass back for the parks as she paid $200 for a 4 day pass this month and could only go on certain days and a different park a day was chosen! Thanks for the help of these wonderful people as I’m 10 hrs away in North Carolina! Her Name is Brianna Ashton Higgins and she lives at 2996 Mallory Circle,12201 Kissimmie,FL 34747

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