Our Favorite Disney Things – Mulan Collection

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Mulan Collection 1

Continuing with Our Favorite Disney Things collections, today we bring you Mulan. While Mulan isn’t technically a princess, she is recognized as a Disney Princess for embodying the traits and characteristics of one. Our collection today shows both sides of our heroic favorite; Mulan.

Mulan Collection 2

When we first meet Mulan she is preparing to go to the Matchmaker, which undoubtedly does not go as planned. Her outfit however has become iconic with the different hues of pinks and blues. This Mulan Bow from FangirlCreation honestly looks like her dress itself was tied up to make this bow.

Mulan Collection 3

Aside from her matchmaker dress, the hair comb bestowed upon her before going is one of the most recognizable symbols of Mulan. If Disneybounding or Cosplaying this Lotus Blossom hair clip replica from ShakespearesWorkShop is the perfect touch.


Mulan Collection 4

Personally I love Mulan’s every day dress the most. This Mulan Skater dress by MinZPrint is handmade with heat sublimation printing, and is perfect! It’s a great dress that allows an every day casual Disneybound. Best of all is the wide range of sizes from XS to 3X!

Mulan Collection 5

To save her father Mulan becomes “Ping” and joins the war. Becoming Ping means learning to be a man though, and she had some lessons to learn from Shang. The Make a Man out of You Pillow from studiomarshallgifts gives us the checklist from the memorable song.

Mulan Collection 6

MiyamotoProductions has created the Savior of China Shoulder Bag, that is a harmony of Mulan and Ping combined. The gentle lotus blossom comb adorns a rustic bag with the earthy tones and feel of her warrior side.

Mulan Collection 7a

This work of Digital Water color art by MarcoFriend represents the Mulan as herself, not as a dressed up version to impress the matchmaker or a warrior to save China, but a brave girl longing to know who she is. I love the splashes of her dress’s signature colors swirling together in the print.

Mulan Collection 8

By now I’m sure we know how much I love costume aprons! MrsShultz has designed a Mulan Apron that is not just beautiful but practical. This apron has ruffles and colors, but is form fitting to keep you clean while you fight the battle of dinner!

Mulan Collection 1

Finally we have the Mulan Designer Doll necklace from TilTheLastPetalFalls. The copper chain and accents are strong like warrior Mulan, but the portrait inside is stylish like a princess. I love the contrasting accents, and really feel it gives off the essence of Mulan.

Which princess would you like to see next?