Off the Beaten Path: Quiet Places at Hollywood Studios

There are so many things to see and do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios but some of my favorite times there have been doing nothing at all. It’s nice to take a break from the heat and take in the scenery, I wisely decide to do this while my family is riding Tower of Terror.

Here are my top 5 places to find solitude at Hollywood Studios

1. Tower of Terror – The benches are rod iron and aren’t so comfortable, but I love the location outside of the Tower of Terror gift shop. Under the overhang of the roof you can enjoy a quiet spot on the bench and enjoy the intricately themed window displays, hear the screams from the ride you wisely opted out of and even grab a cup of coffee from the cart nearby. I especially love this spot at night, when the sun goes down it intensifies the theme of the Tower of Terror even more.

2. Starring Rolls Cafe -This busy cafe is rarely uncrowded but still makes it on my list because of the excellent coffee and sweet treats. I recommend having someone from your party secure a table before the other goes in to order, there aren’t many tables and the cafe is small inside, so divide and conquer is key on this one!

3. Muppet Vision – Depart from the galaxy of Tattooine and head toward Kermit’s Balloon, right outside of the brick building where the bathrooms are located there are benches. I love this spot at night when the sun is down and the park is less crowded. There are so many things happening in this spot…you can hear the water of the muppets fountain, smell the pizza from Pizza Planet and hear Kermit and Miss Piggy singing songs from their movies. When your feet are rested you’ll want to get moving, or else you’ll have “daffodils, Miss Piggy, whippoorwills, Miss Piggy…” stuck in your head all night long!

4. Sunset Strip – Stay to the right of the street on Sunset Boulevard (heading toward the tower) and when you exit the last gift shop you’ll come to a small culdesac, this is a nice place to have a seat where you won’t get run over the crowds.

5. Studio Catering Co. is a popular place for lunch, but one we never stopped at until our last trip (Star Wars Weekends). I can’t believe we’ve been missing out on this delightful lunch experience for all these years! The tables are all shaded, with large fans blowing overhead and the menu is excellent considering it’s a quick service! Greek salads, wraps, panini sandwiches…it’s a delicious spot to relax and fuel up for your next adventure.

Where’s your favorite relaxing spot at Hollywood Studios?

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