Animal Kingdom – Top 5 Attractions For Seniors

Seniors have different expectations from Walt Disney World than the hordes of younger visitors that visit the parks daily. We look for things that we can sit back and enjoy rather than have our bodies bounced around and exposed to G-forces. Your choices at the Animal Kingdom may be different from mine but if you are a senior I think in most instances you will at least enjoy the ones I suggest.

  1. Festival Of The Lion KingPerhaps the best stage show at the Walt Disney World resort. It’s more than a show, I’ve actually seen it called a pageant. This show has it all including singers, dancers, amazing acrobats, and some of the most beautiful floats I have ever seen. There is audience participation and a level of excitement that makes this show stand in a league of its own. Don’t miss it!!
  2. Finding Nemo – The MusicalYet another outstanding stage show. This one is enhanced by the very artistic use of puppets and puppeteers working together as one on stage. The sets are magnificent and the show itself is wonderfully entertaining. This is another do not miss!!
  3. Maharajah Jungle TrekIf you love animals and have any interest in Asian culture, this is the attraction for you. It’s a walk through where you can set your own pace and enjoy the beauty of the staging as well as the magnificence of the animals. There are several walk through attractions in the Animal Kingdom, but this is the best one.
  4. Kilimanjaro SafarisYou may get bounced around a little in this motorized tour of the African habitat. The ride vehicles were built for durability not comfort. BUT – the exposure to all of the animals roaming free (there are invisible barriers) in a very natural habitat makes this attraction well worth the time (and a little bouncing).
  5. It’s Tough To Be A BugO.K. this one is just plain fun and it will return you to the land of fantasy that we all appreciate in all things Disney. This is a pleasant (air conditioned) place to relax and enjoy a fun show while relaxing after a long (and likely very hot) day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I recommend it either in the middle or at the end of your day to help you rejuvenate.

These are my favorite Animal Kingdom attractions. We don’t spend a lot of time here but when we do visit we always takein these attractions. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!


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