Oasis Canteen Reopens with Specialty Cocktails

oasis canteen indiana jones

What used to be Oasis Canteen had both the funnel cakes and adult beverages but has now split into two stands.  The Oasis Canteen has re-opened in front of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and right next to Epic Eats, which focuses on delicious funnel cakes and other treats.  At Oasis Canteen you can pick up a range of alcoholic beverages including specialty cocktails.  It looks to be at least a semi-permanent fixture.

The Lost Jewel, Snake Alley, and Long Lost Island are all Indiana Jones references and now refreshing cocktails.  They also serve assorted beers and a full bar.  Drinks range in price from $8.50 to $16.50.  This fixture looks to be an improvement in theming from the random alcohol carts that have been popping up in a couple of the parks.

What would you choose?  A funnel cake or a drink?

Julie de la Fe


Thank you Walt Disney World for bringing a Galaxy Far, Far Away to us!

Photo Source: Julie de la Fé

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