NYC Residents Use Lightsabers From Star Wars To Direct Traffic During Blackout

NYC residents Use Lightsabers From Star Wars To Direct Traffic During Blackout. On Saturday evening, New York City suffered a major power outage in the West Side of Manhattan. Traffic in New York is already a nightmare, but with little to no direction the city could easily become grid locked.

While NYPD and NYFD were responding as best they could to the issues at hand, including entrapments in elevators, some Good Samaritan citizens decided to step up to the man hole and helped direct traffic, even after the sun went down. In a stroke of hilarity and brilliance, some citizens chose to wield lightsabers, from Star Wars, after dark to help with directing the traffic.

The New York Times reporter Liam Stack, took photos of the citizens and Jedi who stepped in to help keep the city moving, despite the lack of power. “Now that it’s getting dark the civilians directing traffic in Hell’s Kitchen are using whatever light they can get, including cellphones and… light sabers #NYCblackout,” Stack tweeted with a photo on Twitter.

Power was restored around 10 p.m. “Power has been restored after today’s #blackout, but New Yorkers should continue to exercise caution as everything returns to normal,” Cuomo tweeted. “When things are at their worst, New Yorkers are at their best, and they were at their best tonight.”

Due to the outage, Broadway shows were forced to cancel their performances for the evening. Parts of Hells Kitchen and Midtown were also affected during the blackout. Funny enough, the blackout occurred on the 42nd anniversary of the 1977 blackout that left the entire city in darkness!

Thank you to the Shining Jedi Knights who used their Lightsabers to keep NYC traffic moving smoothly through “The Dark Side” and may The Force be with you!


Photo Credit: @ShawnDWu/@StevenBlakeLI

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