Next round of stimulus checks could include vacation credit

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The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been rough on both the economy and the tourism industry. A senior White House advisor recently suggested that the chances of a Phase Four stimulus package is “very, very high.” A second stimulus check would benefit many Americans who were hurt financially by the economic lockdown. Stimulating the economy is a necessity to help businesses recover, which is why the next round of stimulus checks may also include a vacation tax credit.

The “Explore America” tax credit is one of several proposed subsidies that tourism industry lobbyists are pitching to policymakers as the early contours of a new economic stimulus package begin to take shape in Washington. President Trump is in favor of the “Explore America” tax credit.

The tax credit would be a great benefit even though the federal government committed trillions of dollars to stop the economic damage caused by the pandemic. However, they will have to spend even more to help pull the tourism industry back to its feet. Tori Emerson Barnes, a lobbyist for the U.S. Travel Association, went on to say:

“We are grateful to the president for hearing our call for a national effort to get Americans traveling again as the country shifts into the recovery phase.”

Some of the members of the U.S. Travel Association include the Walt Disney Co. and Comcast Corp.’s Universal Parks & Resorts. Also, Roger Dow, CEO and President of the U.S. Travel Association, issued the following statement in regards to the proposed tax credit:

“An ‘Explore America’ tax credit and campaign will do wonders to put America back on the path to prosperity. We applaud the president’s support, and with our industry’s health and safety guidance for the reopening of travel businesses in place, we are very prepared to work with the administration to push the effort forward at the right time.”

No official word yet in regards to when the second wave of stimulus checks will arrive, but we will provide updates when new information becomes available. Both the stimulus checks and vacation tax credit would help give a boost to the recovery rate of the tourism industry.

Source: and Fox 35 Orlando

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