Boozy Coca-Cola Brownie Drink in Disney Springs

Coca-Cola Brownie

Whoa! There’s an amazing new dessert cocktail to enjoy at the Coca-Cola Store in Disney Springs! If you’re looking for a new cocktail to taste, then the Coca-Cola Brownie Masher is an absolute must to try for your next visit to Disney Springs.

The new menu item is both an adult beverage and a sweet dessert. It consists of Fairlife chocolate milk, ice cream,  Stoli vodka, Kahlúa rum, whipped cream, and a Coca-Cola brownie on top of it all! The drink is both rich in taste and great to share. You can see our video of it below.

The Coca-Cola Store is located near the Orange Garage in Disney Springs. Those looking to try this delightful cocktail can find it at the Coca-Cola Beverage Bar on the third floor of the Coca-Cola Store. The drink costs $15.00 for the Coca-Cola Brownie Masher. We recommend taking your time to enjoy the view of the West side of Disney Springs while you’re there. You can see the Characters in Flight balloon and other amusing sights while you drink on the third floor.

We must say this drink is fantastic for chocolate lovers seeking a unique cocktail. The rum and vodka mix surprisingly well with the taste of chocolate milk. Even the decadent Coca-Cola brownie was perfect for dunking into the ice cream mixture. You won’t be disappointed if you try this sweet beverage!

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Kevin Koszola