If You Like Pina Coladas And Beer You Must Try This New Alcoholic Beverage In Epcot

New Sour Ale At Epcot

We sure don’t like getting caught in the rain but we love this new pina colada sour ale at Epcot!

Over in Future World at the Oddesy building, you’ll find this new exciting ale. This is the building that also holds the Epcot Experience for those that have checked it out. 

Once inside you’ll want to head to where the snacks are sold and ask for this new pina colada treat! It’s not on their beverage menu, so you’ll want to double-check the beer tap handles to ensure it’s there. The handle did say limited release so it may not last too long!

The pina colada sour ale is brewed by Collective Arts Brewing and is sold for $9.75 including tax. Seeing how it’s still very warm in Florida, this beer was incredibly refreshing. It had the typical sour feel that you’d expect in a sour but also the creaminess you’d get from the mixed drink.


So if you like pina colada’s and (hopefully not) getting caught in the rain check out the new pina colada sour ale at Epcot on your next visit! 


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Melissa Welt