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    Is some of the preferred rooms done I will be there on july

  2. 7


    There is no Disney Magic in these rooms. It looks like any other hotel room. That’s what makes (made) Pop Century unique was the theming. What are they thinking!!

  3. 6

    Melissa Coverdale

    We have been staying at pop century for years! I hope when we go in December we get a new room! I think it looks wonderful!!

  4. 5


    I can hear the noise on those hard floors already. I just got out of the hospital and, yup, it looks a lot like a hospital room. Really lacks the charm of the previous Pop Century rooms.

  5. 4


    I see A LOT of charging stations, I like that! I have a hard time finding charging outlets for my phone, extra battery, apple watch (and thats just for myself)… Any word on when the first building will open?

  6. 3


    A nice light grey paint on the wall would do wonders. Sadly this looks like a hospital room. It needs some more bling!

  7. 2

    Molly Howard

    I am glad it says decor not complete, because right now it looks very cold and not disney like at all

  8. 1

    Allison St. Pierre

    Yuck. Cold and uninviting. Not a restful place to come back to after a long day in the parks.

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