New Monorail Peach Debuts At Walt Disney World!

monorail peach

Monorail Peach is here and we are s(peach)less!

Just like the other monorail at the Walt Disney World Resort, the peach line just got a makeover as well and is looking pretty nice.

First thing you will notice is a very sleek look outside with a peach stripe so you can identify the monorail color.

Once you step inside, you will see the benches have been upgraded and now feature gray vinyl cushions for a comfier feel.

We also noticed they have dividers between each row for social distancing on the cabins.

The walls inside now feature a peachy color and words indicating the monorail color line.

As part of the social distancing measures, you will also notice that before you get into the monorail, there’s a sign saying “one party per bench please,” so no more full cabins for a while.

On the bright side, your ride might feel way more comfortable now, and remember, por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas!

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Ana Leal
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