New Millenium Falcon Popcorn Bucket at Disneyland

The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy is now in Disneyland! A new popcorn bucket of the Millennium Falcon made its debut in Disneyland today. Excited Star Wars fans will want to keep an eye out for this when visiting Tomorrowland. This Millennium Falcon may not make the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs, but it will hold delicious popcorn while you run around the theme park!

The Millennium Falcon popcorn bucket is $24.99 and sold at Disneyland’s Galactic Grill restaurant in Tomorrowland. For those wondering where the popcorn goes, the opening is at the center of the ship and the interior is quite deep! It can easily hold a box of Disneyland’s popcorn. There’s also a very cool light-up feature on this bucket. The back burners of the Millennium Falcon lights up if you want to switch on the bucket’s light. This makes a very fun souvenir for Star Wars fans and popcorn bucket collectors!

The new popcorn bucket is currently available only at Disneyland. No word yet on if or when it may come to Walt Disney World. But chances are this popcorn bucket could show up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios since that Disney Park has Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We’ll keep fans updated if the Millennium Falcon popcorn bucket comes to Florida!

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Kevin Koszola